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Ooh, what is this I hear, Lyrical Press going the way of so many other newish e-pubs, and losing whatever common sense they were born with?

sinking ship

You remember Lyrical Press don’t you? You should remember, Renee Rocco, the CEO was featured on here quite often.

I received three emails from three different sources, eager to let me know about the goings ons at Lyrical Press.

Honestly, who’s surprised by any of this? I just want to know which fucktards signed a contract that contained the following: (more…)

How Are They Doing Now?

Monday, March 24, 2008
Posted in: Lyrical Press


Seeing Rene Rocco’s comment about the closure of DEP, over at Dear Author reminded me that I ought to go and check how Dragon Spell Publishing Lyrical Press are doing these days.

According to their website, they only have eleven authors on their books so far. They open in May.

I wonder if Rene’s worried at all, or perhaps she has lots more authors that aren’t listed on the website? Admittedly, some may think that eleven authors is sufficient.

For the length of time she’s had to recruit authors though, I’m not so sure eleven is enough.