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Look what AL found when she was looking through this year’s RWA schedule:

Online Promotion: B(u)y The Book (CAREER)
Speakers: Lori Foster, Jenna Petersen, Michelle Buonfiglio, and Danielle Jackson
Romance industry insiders and an Internet media expert teach you the simple, down home truth about successfully marketing and presenting yourself – and by extension, your work — to online media and communities.

I’m assuming Buonfiglio is the Internet media expert?

Internet media expert? Really?

She’s like that embarrassing relative that you wish would stay locked up in the house.

Hopefully she’ll change up from her last presentation.

I wont hold my breath though.


I read Robin’s post at Dear Author re the remarks made by Michelle Buonfiglio during the Princeton Romance Scholarship Conference. I really wasn’t surprised by the tone and the passive-aggressiveness of her presentation. I’ve always considered her to be the perfect smiling assassin.

Robin’s column was well thought out, excellently written, and genteel in tone. As was SB Sarah’s.

It’s a shame girls, but I’m going to have to bring down the tone of this gentle discourse, and say what you were probably thinking, but were far too polite and politically clever to say, given her allegation that the rest of Romanceland are made up of vituperative whores. (more…)