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The funniest review evah. And I mean, evah.

Mrs Giggles: Hello. Do I know you?

Badase Mac: I’m Badase Mac and I am a Breed. I am here to discuss what we overheard you telling your friend about my pack brother Braden Arness and his mate Megan Fields.

Mrs Giggles: Huh? Do I know you?

Badase Mac: We Breeds always know what women are talking about because of our sensitive hearing. Did I mention how we were genetically created to kill?

Mrs Giggles: Yeah. Every Breed seems to have some sort of complex where they need to reiterate their sad story at least once in every chapter. Although given how obsessed they are about sex, I’m surprised their creators can get them to stop shagging for a minute to actually kill anybody. Maybe that’s why the Breeds were to be exterminated. They are a bunch of sex-obsessed maniacs determined to steal human women from their men… god, what rubbish am I saying? Look, who are you and why are you standing at my doorstep?

Click on the link to read the rest, I promise you wont be sorry.

Mrs Giggles At Her Best…

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Posted in: Mrs Giggles Rocks On A Grand Scale

Seriously people, go check out her Special Blog Guest: Mrs Kristi Theresa, CEO of Trixy Lion Publishing post.

I especially love the beginning bit:

“Dear friendsa nd familie of Trixy Lion Publishing,

I am pleasing to let everyone knowed that Trixue Lion Publishinng is still the undisputedly #1 publishers in womanizing erotic fiction. I am hoping (and worrying!) that Mrs Theresa Wayne’s new besuiness La Media will be welcoming by us to this challenging world of epublishing business becos as a woman I am always happy to see another woman enterpriser step up to the task of showing the worl dwhat women can do and improving the futuristic of quality fictions.

However, I am dismayed at how poor Mrs Theresa’s new business is forced to be shut down wjhen it has barely opening its doorways to surely authoprs who will flog to its doorwayts with their premiering qiuality work! As usually, this is the workings of the jealouseuy minds of those horrible unchristian women like Karen Scotland and Ash Achoonox (the last name alone is surely indicating of a satanic mind!), tools of the evil Samhane Publishing people who are like Microssoft trying to get a sinistering gripping on the world of epublishers! I ask you, my freinds, what kind of world are we lives in when everyone is full of bursting hot devil jellousy?”

I nearly fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.

Trixy Lion Publishing Is Now Open!

Damn I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.


we plan to use copyrighted pictures 4 our covers in the future bcos copyrighted pictures are signs of quality. amatoors are using free clip art which we dont want bcos we want to stand out. already we have used brad pitts face for our upcoming book “staining bedsheets wit my love” by clara s andersin and we have just discovere dplenty opf sexy photos in father abner’s pc so with god’s blessing we r going to make high quality covers

we r one big family and our royalty are ours. 4 example my daughter need money for her hysterectomy next month so the royalty will go 2 her and authos wont get paid sry but thats life what can u do. if u want ur royalty pls write 2 us and we will evaluate ur situation. we write 4 love, not money, and money will be used only 4 those who need it in our big family. thx,..”

Bloody hilarious!

Thanks velly much to SB Sarah for sending the link!