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This despot has been allowed to murder thousands of Zimbabweans for years, under the nose of The West, with no retribution. He’s an evil megalomaniacal dictator who needs a bullet in his head.

He lost the first round of elections, but refused to give up power, and due to his expert intimidation tactics, managed to scare off Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the only opposition to his reign. Tsvangirai bowed out of the run-off elections because he feared that the violence would escalate even more. In all honesty, I can’t really blame him, but somebody needs to stand up to this evil man.

On Friday, Mugabe held the run-off elections, unopposed, where supporters of the opposition party were allegedly forced to vote. He of course won, and will probably stay in power until he dies.

He’s been responsible for so many bad things that have happened in Zimbabwe, and it just feels wrong that he has been allowed to rule in such a tyrannical manner over the last thirty years.

I feel that it’s time for the UN to intervene.