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She’s an Elloras Cave Author. According to Katiebabs her book Wrath, which is apparently part of her popular ‘Species’ series, is number fourteen on the list.

I understand that she’s been on the list before, and allegedly hers was the first EC book to hit the list. Not sure how true that is, but it’s still an impressive feat nonetheless. Never really heard of her though. It could be because my Google Reader is chock-full of unread posts, but she doesn’t seem to get mentioned all that often.

I want to know where her fan base came from, it seems to have sprung from nowhere. I can only think her success is from having a series that fans have invested in. I’ve always thought that writing a series is the way forward for authors who may not necessarily have a solid marketing machine behind them.

Have you guys read her? What are your thoughts? Is she worth trying out? (via Amazon obviously).