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This post was inspired by something Angie wrote in one of her Editing Tip Of The Day posts:

“Oh, and along the same line, she wouldn’t be able to give the exact length of his naughty parts either. Just saying”.

God, yes.

It really does take me out of the story when I know exactly how big the hero’s dick is supposed to be. It also makes me wonder when authors give their heroes ten-inch dicks, (and I’m talking on the soft here) whether or not they actually know what a ten-inch fatty would look (and probably feel) like. And don’t talk to me about those same ten-inchers also going up virgin bum holes. I’m squeezing my arse in sympathy at the very thought. *Shudder*

Can I just say, when you google the male penis, there are some fascinating bits of information out there. This site gave the average penis size, based on ethnicity (from a study that they’d done themselves presumably):

I wonder who got the job of doing the measuring?

This was also another fascinating bit of information:

Doesn’t this contradict the ethnicity stats slightly? How many blonde haired black/native American dudes do you see roaming the streets these days?

I also looked on Askmen.com, and found that their stats varied a little from those above, but never mind that, read this:

“THE LONG AND THE SHORT: According to the Kinsey Institute, the biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches. The smallest tops off at 1 and 3/4 inches”.

1 and 3/4 inches? Shit, I wonder who drew the short straw there then? I bet he never goes into many communal bathrooms. Poor thing (over 18s only folks).

Anyway, what was my original point again?

Oh that’s it, the heroine knowing exactly how long her hero’s cock is, is daft. Unless she’s actually taken a ruler to it of course, but I would have thought that would be a bit of a passion killer. Especially if the man was lacking in both length and girth.

Just sayin.