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“Can you take me back to the nursing home now please, I think I’ve just peed myself.”

Eeeewwww, that’s so gross. Who the fuck ever thought this cover was a good idea? More to the point, who the flamin’ hell thought that writing this kind of story would appeal to romance readers?

Check out the blurb:

That is so nasty. I’ve heard of May to December romances, but this is ridiculous beyond belief. The man looks about frickin eighty years old, whilst she’s not even twenty yet.

AND HE HAS LIVER SPOTS!!! Yuck, yuck, and fucking YUCK!

This book cover is from Amira Press, and positively makes Changeling Press covers look worthy of hanging in The Tate Gallery, in comparison.

By the way, has anybody else noticed that the old man hero looks like The Queen’s husband, Prince I’m-An-Absolute-dick Phillip?