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Psy/Changeling Giveaway!

I have been posting reviews of the Psy/Changeling books in a hurry in the past few weeks, playing ‘catch up’ to be ready for the release of the fourteenth novel in the series, Shards of Hope, on June 2nd. This is the one series I still pre-order the moment the links go up–even though it’s released in hardcover. In my opinion, it’s just that good.

Some readers may feel a little intimidated by the length of the series–particularly because there is an overarching plot that means that reading from the beginning is definitely recommended.

Well, here’s a chance to make your risk smaller: a giveaway of the first five books, along with a book tote by Penguin, the publisher of the series. It’s open internationally, until May 31.

The giveaway is being held to celebrate the re-release, with a new cover, of the book that started it all back in 2006. Behold, Slave to Sensation:

Slave to Sensation re-release
The new blurb:

And just to ice the cake of awesome...

we have yet another Rafflecopter giveaway to celebrate the release of Rock Addiction.

(I do apologize but I am unable to make the widget work for me. However, just follow the link above and you’ll be able to enter and get a chance to win a $100 gift card. Sweet, yes?)

Also, in case you didn’t know, you can get your very own copy from amazon by following this handy, dandy little link.

There, don’t say we don’t make it easy for you 😉

Some of you guys may remember that way back when (seven weeks, people!!!) I asked readers to share their perspectives on what types of promotion by new-to-them authors has worked for them, as readers.

What motivates you to give a new author a try?

How does often that translate into the discovery of a new “waiting to check out new releases asap” author?

So far, most of the responses to the original post were from authorsand while it’s true that writers are readers first, it’s my opinion that being published (e or print) colors their view of what truly works.

As emily veinglory said (at some point in the past over at ERECsite, I’m paraphrasing here), there’s many a new author who was completely unaware of even the existence of promotional materials (bookmarks, character cards, what have you), let alone the need to have any, until after they joined a professional writers’ organization. And once they did, they were told that these things a) are essential and b) work.

But do they? For Jane Ordinary Reader, do they really work?

So, I’m going to ask againeveryone, regular posters and lurkers who are readers:

Please post, either in this thread or in the original one, telling us what has worked for you. (If you are shy, you can always tell me privately at azteclady1 @ gmail.com)


After writing the contest series, I have been thinking about whether they are a form of promotion that really works or not—for the author.

In this case, I’m wondering what promotional efforts will gain the writer a new reader. More specifically, to newbie or mid-list authors—not the bigger names, who already have name recognition and a larger promo budget from their publishers.

From reading these posts at Emily Veinglory’s ERECSITE, I have come to see that many mid-list and newer authors wonder how to use their promotion dollars most effectively. What works best? Is it swag? Magnets, postcards, bookmarks, pens, etc. Or is it free content online—book giveaways, excerpts, free short stories? Or is it time spent interacting with readers and potential readers—which is time away from writing, which in turn is money—blogging, chatting, guest blogging, booksignings, etc.?

I know that contests and giveaways work for me—if I get a free book by an author with whose work I’m unfamiliar, I get to try it for ‘free’ (aside from the commitment to write a review). In several cases, that has translated into a new fan for the author and a vocal pimp for their work (you know who you are).

Even when I don’t end up with a free book, by participating in the contest or giveaway, I have been drawn into interacting with the author and her fans, reading more reviews, excerpts, short stories, what have you. Sooner or later I will likely be trying at least one of her books—and again, if I like it, that author has gained a new reader and vocal pimp.

However, I am only one reader, and my experiences and reactions may well be at one end of the curve. Which brings me to the question…

What promotional efforts work for you, the reader? What makes you try a new-to-you author?

I would like to get as many responses as possible, in order to compile a *cough* über-scientifically-controlled *cough* chart tracking the different successful methods of promotion. (Chart or something, I’m not very good with graphics—no need to cackle, Karen, really.) For those lurkers who are shy and don’t want to post, you can reach me at azteclady1 @ gmail dot com (no spaces).

Who knows, it may even help some authors decide where to direct their promotional efforts.


You don’t think I’m all altruistic like that? {K: Nope}

I am too.


Okay, okay! I am just very opinionated, {K: Ya don’t say? *g*} and want some anecdotal proof that I’m right and contests rock.

Happy now?

{K: Geez, she’s grumpy today, I totally blame Giselle Bundchen.}

Words. Fail. Me…

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Posted in: Laurell K Hamilton, promotional advert

I got these delicious ad photos of LKH here. They are too funny for words. Not everybody is model material, some people need to understand that.

Can anybody confirm if that’s Darla at the back on the second photo? Dearie, dearie me…

LKH, doesn’t look too bad here, shame about the funny looking men on the left, and right of her. I’m not sure which of her characters they’re meant to be, anybody wanna guess? *g*

Thanks to Bam for pointing me in the right direction.