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Because they are white.

I keep seeing this ridiculous headline:

Why are “Oath Keepers” allowed to be armed in the middle of Ferguson protests?

The article goes on and on about how they are “exercising their rights” and about gun laws, and other related bullshit, but the reality is that these assholes can roam the streets of Ferguson, armed with fucking assault rifles, because they are white.


Oh reeeeeeeally?

Oh reeeeeeeally?

Saturday, March 9, 2013
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, Racism

Hello, people, long time no post.

But, as Karen hasn’t revoked my posting privileges 😀 here I am, ready and willing to rouse me some rabble.

To wit: you remember this post? (For those among you who’d rather not follow linkage, Karen blogged briefly about the many excuses black men have not to date black women–mainly the oft mentioned “angry black woman” stereotype.)

Every now and again someone–mostly men, from their comments–drops by with some witticism. Just today I saw this lovely pearl of wisdom, by some intellectual giant by the name of Jonathan:

Black women are the worst human beings on the planet. Their internal sense of inferiority combined with an external braggadocio cause them to act irrationally and obnoxiously in every possible circumstance.

If every black woman dropped dead, this world would be a better place.

Dear Jonathan, if every asshole who thinks as you do dropped dead, the world would be an incredibly nicer place.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Act White?

When I was younger, one or two ignorant black people in my school, would accuse me of acting like a white person. I didn’t get it then, and I sure don’t get it now.

It all seemed to stem from the fact that I wanted to learn, and I had no time for shiftless idiots, who’s favourite pastimes included playing truant from school. There was no way that was ever gonna happen, that’s just not the way I was raised.

My mother was a nurse, who was on her way to becoming a doctor when she had me, and my father was a policeman who became became a lawyer, then started his own business in lieu of practicing law. Being an abject failure in school, and hanging out with kids past eight o’clock at night were not part of their plans for me. Speaking like an uneducated numpty was also not part of their plans for me, however, because I used proper words when I spoke, and because smoking weed when I was at high school, held no attractions for me, I was labelled a ‘square’. Seriously, moi, square! Can you Adam and Eve it??

I can’t recall the first time I was accused of acting white, but every time that accusation has been levelled at me since, it never fails to annoy the shit out of me. Mostly because to me, it seems that because I don’t speak the way some black people expect other black people to speak, I’m instantly labelled a white-wannabe.

Using ebonics or patois isn’t my thing, it never has been. If I tried either, I’d sound faker than Pamela Anderson’s tits. That’s just not who I am.

The irony is, I understand, and have more of an interest in black history, than 99% of the people who have accused me of acting white. I know more about the world, period, than 99% of those people. Quite frankly, I’m more intelligent than 99% of those people.

I want to know why some black people believe that unless you act a certain way, you’re selling out and white-washing your blackness? Who says that the ability to articulate one’s thoughts is a white-only feat? Since when is the hunger for education and the need to always strive for better, a trait that only white people are allowed to have? Seriously, what the hell?

Why have I brought up this subject, I hear you ask? Well, I was on Youtube last night, watching a Kerry Washington interview, (Love her so much) and some of the comments – mostly from (American) black men it seemed to me (There seems to be a trend here), were just so unbelievably racist. She was accused of selling out because she speaks eloquently. Yes, her diction seemed to be a problem with some folks, who accused her of faking the way she spoke in order to fit in with whites. How ridiculous are some people?

As far as I’m concerned, that right there is the kind of attitude that makes life difficult for blacks who understand that knowledge is power, and that the ability to interact with a divergent group of people on different levels is a good thing.

Rant over.

Marriage & The Black Woman

I think one of the saddest statistics within the black community is the number of women who aren’t married, and in some cases will never get married.

According to stats, more than two out of every three black women are unmarried, and they are more than twice as likely as white women never to marry.

Linda Young from Psychology Today writes:

“We have been hearing for several years that about 70% of black women are unmarried (including never-married, divorced and widowed). According to the 2009 Current Population Survey (CPS) of the U.S. Census1 nearly twice the percentage of black women (44.5%) as white women (24%) and Asian women (23%) have never been married. They also significantly outnumber never-married Latinas2 (32%).”

Young also writes:

“She was a 40 year old black woman with a Ph.D., ready to find a mate in a city that is only 5% black. One day a tall good-looking black man about her age approached her in the gym. He hadn’t finished college but was smart, funny and interesting and she was happy to go out with him. At the end of what she thought was a fun, easygoing dinner he said he was really attracted to her and tried to get her to stay at his place. She refused, telling him it was too fast for her but that she would love to see him again. His response? “Just because you have a Ph.D. you think you’re too good for me?” She was so taken aback by his comment she’s never forgotten it. That woman was me.”

Ralph Richard Banks, author of Is Marriage For White People, seems to agree with young’s implication that educated black women have a harder time finding a mate:

“One reason that marriage has declined is that as black women have advanced economically and educationally, black men have fallen behind. Nearly twice as many black women as black men graduate from college each year.Thus, not only are many college-educated black women unmarried, they are more likely than any other group of women to marry less educated and lower earning men. Half of college-educated black wives are more educated than their husbands.”

This ABC report touches on the issue, and is very interesting:

In my real life, I see the above reflected in the black women around me.

I have a particular friend who’s university educated, has a good job, and she’s unmarried. She’s attractive with a good figure, good sense of humour, and I think probably has all the desirable traits that a man would want in a woman. Unfortunately for her, the pickings are slim.

Also, my friend has a preference for black guys. This makes things even harder, because as far as I can tell, the only decent black guy in our little town is my brother:) And he’s married.

I bet you guys are thinking that she’s probably too choosy, but to be fair, all she wants is a guy who’s educated, ambitious, has a good sense of humour, doesn’t have any prior baggage (i.e. kids) and isn’t physically aggressive. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, but you’d be surprised by how hard it is to find such a black man, in our corner of the world. If she took away the lack-of-baggage prerequisite, then she might have a few more men to choose from, but that’s a deal breaker for her. It probably would be for me too, in all honesty.

Of course I’ve tried opening up her mind to dating outside our race, but she’s a little stuck in her ways with regards to thinking beyond the black man. Don’t get me wrong, she’s met the odd decent black guy, but the problem has been that none of those guys have wanted to commit. Of course as a woman, she thinks that the problem might be her, so she’s tried changing in order to attract the black man that will put a ring on her finger. As far as I can tell, unless she widens her dating pool, she’s onto a loser. Whilst black men in our corner of the world don’t have a problem impregnating black women, marrying them seems to present an impossible challenge.

Funnily enough, the married black men that we do know, are married to white women, and the black women who dared to date outside their race, are married to their white men. I’ve never really managed to figure out why IR couples don’t seem to have the same problem committing to each other.

I really hope this state of affairs changes soon for the majority of black women, it’s bad enough being considered to be beneath the notice of black men, but being considered not good enough to marry just adds insult to injury.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Are there any black guys out there who would like to weigh in and give their opinion on this subject?

Why Black Men Prefer To Date White Women Over Black Women...Apparently

According to the video below, this is why some black men prefer to date white women over black women. The list is….interesting, shall we say.

Here’s their list:

1. Attitude – (Angry black woman)

2. Materialistic – (apparently black girls determine a guy’s character by their appearance and the clothes they wear)

3. Easier to approach (White girls are less guarded)

4. Family more welcoming (White girls families don’t ask twenty questions about what they do for a job etc when they meet the black guys)

5. Less controlling

6. More faithful

7. Narrow-minded

8. Complaining

9. Less room for error – (I guess this means black women are less forgiving)

10. Always assuming the worst

That list right there, compiled by the black guys in the video is exactly the reason why black women should really open themselves up to dating outside their race.

I’ve heard the ‘black angry woman’ tag more often than I care to. Whenever black men are asked why they date anybody other than women of their own race, the majority of them give this as their number one reason.

I call bullshit of course. I’m pretty sure that most guys who date white women do so because they probably find them more attractive, but for some reason, they seem afraid to just say that. Instead, they endorse the idea of the materialistic, shallow, narrow-minded, angry black woman. It’s a label that black women everywhere have really struggled to overcome.

I like what this woman had to say about black men’s excuses for not dating black women:

Anyway, what do you guys think of the list? Don’t be shy, I wont judge.

Black Men Who Have A Problem With Black Women Dating Non-Blacks, What The Hell?

As long as I can remember, black guys around me have always dated non-black women. Always. When I was at school, it was the norm, and in fact it was a surprise when a black boy dated another black girl. This is not an unusual story, as far as I can tell, this has been the norm the world over for the last twenty years or so.

When I was a teen, the only boys who were interested in me romantically were white guys and bi-racial guys. The black guys were just not interested, they preferred my white friends. That’s just a fact. I on the other hand wanted to go out with black guys, I guess that’s how I was programmed, especially in those days, when it was virtually unheard of in my circle for a black girl to date a white guy.

I remember going on a date with a white boy when I was maybe thirteen or fourteen. To be honest, the reason I went out with him was because he asked me, but still to this day, I remember how uncomfortable I felt when he tried to hold my hand in public. And now that I know better how the world works, I’m really sorry that I made such a big deal about the whole thing. I guess I never thought about it from his perspective. Here was this white boy who had managed to get up the courage to ask out a black girl to the cinema (I’m pretty sure it was Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade) even though it wasn’t really the done thing, and I wouldn’t even let him hold my hand or express any other public displays of affection.

Whenever I think about how horrible I was on that date, I want to go back and slap that stupid girl upside the head. It wasn’t till a few years later that I thought about how I would have felt if somebody I was interested in had acted as if they were ashamed to be seen with me whilst we were on a date.

Anyway, the rest of my dating adventures didn’t differ much as I got older – I got asked out by white guys and mixed race guys, but still mostly ignored by black boys. A couple of black guys did ask me out, and I happily went, but they were both a bust. One of the black boys was the kind of guy who expected payment in kind for him spending a few pounds on a Big Mac meal. Needless to say, we didn’t last very long.

My long time readers will know that TTG is mixed race, and prior to meeting him, I’d mostly been dating bi-racial guys. Actually, I did date a white guy just prior to TTG, but he turned out to be an obsessive psycho, who threw battery acid all over my car when I dumped him for TTG. He was one messed up dude. *Shudder*

Anyway I’ve written all of the above to say that what angers me more than anything is when black guys take umbrage when they see black women with white guys. Black women have had to accept their lack of interest in them (me included) for years, yet they have the sheer audacity to have an issue when they see us with white guys. It’s happened to me quite a few times. I have quite a few clients who are white and male, and when I take them out to lunch and we’re in the vicinity of a black guy, I see the look of disappointment on their faces, like I sold out or something. It enrages me no end. It doesn’t even matter that they’ve made an erroneous assumption, what makes me mad is the fact that they dare judge me for apparently being with a white guy. I mean seriously wtf?

It’s something that drives TTG crazy too, he just doesn’t get the whole territorial race thing.

Anyway, it’s become very obvious that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Youtube vids featuring interracial couples where the woman is black, are filled with comments from black guys expressing their disgust at the union. Of course they’re filled with comments from KKK type people, but that’s not something that ever surprises me. A lot of people are racist, and that status quo will remain for many a year. No, what angers me are the number of black guys talking about how wrong it is for ‘sisters’ to date non-blacks, when black women have had to watch black men date outside their race for years.

The following Youtube vid features an older black woman who happens to be in a relationship with a white man. She’s responding to an email that she received from a black guy condemning her for marrying a white guy. It’s bloody long, but you more or less get the gist within the first ten minutes.

Wouldn’t it be great if people could be left alone to love who they want to love?

Anyway, question to black woman, or in fact any other women out there who have dated outside their race, what kind of reception did you get from guys of the same ethnicity as you? And to black women specifically, what was your dating history like? Was it at all similar to mine?

Side note: I know these are sensitive questions, and not all of you guys will be interested in the subject matter, but unlike the late Monica Jackson, (God rest her soul) if I get radio silence, I’ll just assume that nobody’s interested in these types of blog posts, and I’ll go back to random stuff. It takes way more effort than I usually like to expend to write them, and so the more responses from you guys the better:)

I Have No Words... Part 1297...

The black guy who hates black people, and the white girl who hates white people? Seriously, I have no words.

I Have No Words…

Thursday, August 9, 2012
Posted in: Racism

My borderline feminist self would like to bitch-slap her all the way down the street…

RIP Stephen. Murdered in cold blood in 1993

Stephen Lawrence was a black teenager who, eighteen years ago, was stabbed to death by a gang of white youths at a London bus stop. His death was bad enough, but the way the police dealt with his murder in the aftermath, was what made this case so horrific.

To the police, he was just another black man, his death didn’t matter.

Well, his death did matter, his parents have fought for justice for Stephen for eighteen years, and finally they can begin to grieve for their son.

Today, Gary Dobson and David Norris, were finally convicted of his murder.

Unfortunately, there were at least three other people who participated in Stephen’s murder who appear to have gotten away with helping to kill him, but I suspect that Steven’s family will keep fighting to bring them to court to answer to the charge of murder.

I’m just happy that for the first time in eighteen years, Steven’s mother and father can sleep better in the knowledge that two of their son’s murderers have been brought to justice.

America has the KKK, and I guess here in Britain they have the rather scummy EDL.

Any excuse to cause trouble or to avoid doing something useful with their lives…like working for example. Ignorant twats.

The following comment was left on a blog post (by somebody calling himself Barack Hussein Obama Sadaam) that I wrote a while ago, questioning whether or not racism in America had increased since Obama became president:

“I think that racism is increasing.

Minorities act like they want us to be racist to them.

Obama supports the NBA, which has some of the worst (dangerous) black people in the world.

Black leaders, such as NBA superstars, need to lead by example if blacks want racism to go away. I do not think blacks want racism to go away though.

Solution: Have all newborn black babies be adopted by intelligent white people. This will get rid of their terrible language of ebonics along with helping them succeed in life.”

This was my response: (more…)

Amanda Knox

Maili linked to this very interesting column over at Racialicious.

Basically the columnist, Nadra Kareem talks about some of the American reaction to Amanda Knox’s conviction for the murder of Meredith Kercher. She makes some really excellent points, and some of her comments mirror some of my own thoughts during the trial and my bemusement over the seemingly overwhelming sympathetic reaction to her case.

Nadra starts: (more…)

It is not surprising, really, that assholes with a political agenda will seize all sort of excuses to further their hobby horse.

Today we have motherfuckers like Michele Malkin saying such things as:

“I’ve blogged for years about the spread of contagious diseases from around the world into the U.S. as a result of uncontrolled immigration,” conservative columnist Michelle Malkin wrote on her Web site. “9/11 didn’t convince the open-borders zealots to put down their race cards and confront reality. Maybe the threat of their sons or daughters contracting a deadly virus spread from south of the border to their Manhattan prep schools will.”


I know that there are racist bastards all over this globe, and that ignorant wankers aren’t exclusive to this bit of the world, but I’m starting to think that Spain, for such a developed country, has more than its fair share.

The latest incident involving Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, makes me wonder how good the educational system in Spain is.

This excerpt is from The Telegraph:

Formula One world championship leader Lewis Hamilton is facing a new race hate campaign in the build-up to the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix after becoming the target of a Spanish website.

Pincha la Rueda de Hamilton – Spanish for ‘Burst Hamilton’s Tyre’ – encourages users to point drawing pins, nails and porcupines onto a computer mock-up of the Interlagos circuit at Sao Paulo.

Users have also posted a string of abusive messages. One reads: “Half-breed, kill yourself in your car.”

Another, from a man calling himself Alberto, reads: “I hope you run over your dad in the first pit stop, Hamilton.”


The Daily Mail reports:

Hundreds of sick messages have been left on the site taunting him over the colour of his skin – with some even expressing a wish that he kills himself.

The abuse has been posted on a website that encourages visitors to leave ‘virtual nails’ on a mock-up of the Brazilian racetrack where he hopes to win the drivers’ championship this Sunday…

The website says: ‘Hamilton can’t finish the race, we have to stop him however we can. All you have to do is choose a spike, place it where you want on the circuit and hope he suffers a historic puncture.’

Last night more than 16,000 had signed up to the ‘black magic’ bid to put Hamilton out of the last race of the season.

One, calling himself David, left a porcupine out for Lewis on lap seven alongside a message saying: ‘F*** you bastard. Monkey.’

Another, called Angel, left a nail out for Lewis on lap 11 and raged: ‘I hope you crash, son of a bitch.’
Yet another, dubbing Hamilton a ‘Conguito’ – a gollywog-style chocolate sweet popular in Spain – said: ‘Conguito, you are going to die.’

Another, who called himself Chusqui, left a nail out near the finishing line on lap 12, alongside the insult: ‘Nigger.’

An automated message that flashes up after visitors leave their messages and nails says in Spanish: ‘We hope Hamilton punctures thanks to your help.’

TTG and I already decided that Spain is no longer an option in terms of holiday destinations, because after all, we certainly don’t want to help an economy where this kind of hatred of black people is so widespread.

What I want to know is what the Spanish goverment is doing to combat this kind of intolerable attitude.

Not much by the looks of things.

This guy spoke so much sense.

My favourite line?

“I don’t care what you are, I care about what you did”

Thanks to You-Know-Who for the link.