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Just one question, if we somehow manage to turn the tide, and get the respect we so desire from outside the genre, what would we actually gain?

More reviews in serious newspapers? Didn’t I hear something about newspapers trimming down their review pages anyway?

More readers? Somebody remind me how we compare sales-wise to other genres again?

More younger readers? Why, and how young? I started reading romance books when I was eleven years old, I believe quite a lot of romance readers started young. How old were you when you started?

Would it help banish the image of Barbara Cartland lying on a couch stroking her pussy cat, wearing a big assed dress, and looking like that actress from Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Would it help settle the debate as to whether or not Gone With The Wind was a romance or not? What do you mean what debate? Heathens!

Will the war in Iraq finally come to an end? What do you mean what war? Heathens!

Will that stupid bint who married Osama Bin Laden’s son, finally come to her senses?

Will Victoria Beckham finally admit that she had a boob job?

Will Tom Cruise finally let Katie Holmes speak in public?

Will Ugly Betty finally get with Henry?

Sigh…So many questions, so few answers…. *g*

What say you?