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Do You Ever Return Books?

Sunday, August 19, 2007
Posted in: Returning books

Over on the All About Romance List, they’re talking about returning books. As in, how often people return books, and why.

Anne Marble, AAR moderator, asks:

“Do you return books, and if so, for what reasons? And are there reasons for which you would never return a book? Is there a point where you will not return a book after reading a set amount — whether a couple of chapters or a large portion?”

I must admit, I rarely ever return books, even the crap ones. I did return a book earlier this year, but I did have a good reason. I can’t even remember the name of the book, but I’d already read it, and didn’t realise it at the time. Actually, there might have been another book that I returned, but I simply can’t remember what the book was, or why I returned it. In 2006, I can categorically say that I never returned one book, not even the stinkers.

I don’t even return books when I accidentally buy two copies. This happened with J.D. Robb’s Rapture In Death last year, I ordered a copy from Amazon, then went to Borders, saw it, and bought it there, having totally forgotten that I’d actually already bought it from Amazon. (Does anybody else ever do this?)

I can’t remember what I did with the second copy, but I certainly didn’t return it. Hmmm…I might have actually given it away on the blog.

Anyway, this comment from one of the AAR regulars bemused me somewhat:

“I returned a book once b/c I hated it. It was about 10 years ago and
money was really tight. I felt that the publishing industry “stole”
what little money I had. Now that I actually make a living wage I
wouldn’t dream of returning a book simply b/c it’s awful.”

If I could be arsed, I would totally return a book that sucked great big hairy ones, the only reason I don’t, is because I’m so damn lazy. Returning a book because it’s awful is the most sensible thing one can do methinks, otherwise, you just feel cheated.

What say you?