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Pete Postlethwaite OBE, was one of those actors who didn’t merely act, he became the person he was portraying in every way.
In my opinion, he was totally underrated and it seems a shame that we will only honour him and eulogise over his acting abilities, now that he is no longer with us.

He was one of those actors who brought a certain gravitas to every scene he was in, and his presence gave credence to whatever movie he appeared in, whether it was the rather brilliant In The Name of The Father, or the less than stellar (in my opinion of course) The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

He was no Brad Pitt, however his rather odd looks were very much a part of what I loved about him. That and of course the fact that he was a lovely northern bloke.

I mourn the fact that he was rarely ever the leading man in the roles that he chose to play, yet his presence often seemed to propel the leading actors he worked with, into giving much-improved performances. Sean Bean, I’m looking at you.

He has appeared in an amazing number of great films, but some of the films he can be credited with, include the following:

When Saturday Comes
Brassed Off
The Shipping News
The Omen
The Constant Gardener
The Town
The Usual Suspects
Clash of The Titans
Romeo and Juliet

Here at KKB Central, we’re truly gutted that such a fine actor has been taken from us so soon. Cancer has a lot to answer for.

Pete Postlethwaite, I, and millions of movie-goers all over the world, salute you.