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Rumour has it, that the most vicious and spiteful blogger in Blogland, Vindictive Rhinoceros, is currently frothing at the mouth, over Giselle The Gossip Queen’s not-so-innocent post, yesterday.

Apparently VR used words like, (ooh let me just re-check the e-mail) oh yeah, words like, death threats, anonymous blogging, I-know-who-you-are-and-where-you-live, apology, and revenge. Oooohhh.

She’s such a drama queen isn’t she?

I guess Giselle must have hit a nerve right? I thought she was pretty subtle myself. It’s not like she sent Vindictive Rhinoceros’ authorly friend, an e-mail, basically saying, I know who you are bitch. Oh no, that’s much more Vindictive Rhinoceros’ style methinks. Here at Karen Scott Central, we have waaay more class than that. (Mind you, that’s not too hard, snakes are generally classless creatures.)

At this point, Giselle wants to say to Vindictive Rhinoceros, Bring. It. On. Bitch. Please.

There ya see, such a polite girl.

Apparently, the most vicious and spiteful blogger in Romanceland, Vindictive Rhinoceros, is redoubling her obsessive efforts in terms of trying to use one of Romancelandia’s most popular lawyer bloggers, as target practice.

Yeah, I know, nothing new there, I hear you cry.

It sure would be interesting to see if Vindictive Rhinoceros’  authorly best friend, Batshit Crazy Butthead, would be as willing to out herself, like a certain popular romance blogger did.

I hear that Vindictive Rhinoceros is keen on trying to out people, (That VR, is one sly/sneaky wench)  so perhaps she’ll advise her bessie mate, to come out, and be proud too???

Karma, she may be a bigger bitch than one realises. 

Giselle The Gossip Queen!

That Carol Lynne, the infamous author of Ben’s Wildflower is on the outs with her publisher, Elloras Cave.

Apparently, The Cavers are refusing to print any of her books, even though she’s apparently one of their best-selling authors.

I wonder how true this is?

It doesn’t really make sense that EC wouldn’t want to put her books in print if she sells amazingly well, unless they believe that her books are so pornographic, that readers would be too ashamed to buy them from a bricks and mortar store? I wonder if another reason could be that EC don’t really believe that her work is technically good enough for print publication?

What other reasons could they have, seeing as the woman seems to have a book out every week?

Hmmm…curiouser and curiouser…

Thanks to you-know-who for the heads up.

Rumour Has It No. 4579…

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Posted in: Rumour has it

…That a former RT regular has been snubbed this year, and will not be appearing on any panels during RT 2009. Not. One. Panel. Unless of course somebody cancels, and they can’t get anybody else to stand in.

Perhaps her reputation as a vindictive freakish rhinoceros proceeded her?

Oh yeah, and also, EC Gropers and strippers notwithstanding, congrats to Jane and SB Sarah, on being asked to run a blogging panel at RT.

I laughed when I received both bits of good news. You gotta smile at how things work out dontcha?

FYI, TTG and I may be going to Florida (again) for our hols that month, so you never know, I may just take one for the team and show my face.

Now wouldn’t that be interesting? *g*