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Can anybody tell me who the flipping hell the Romance Divas are, and not only that but what is their problem? Talk about fanning the flames over, erm, let’s see… NOTHING.

Lucinda Campbell whoever you are, you’re a f*cktard.

This was to Mrs Giggles, who replies with:

Talk about fuckwittery of the highest order.

This comment here by Jax (yet another member of The Romance Divas) was the one that nearly made me piss myself laughing:

Lord, God, save me from narcissistic arseholes who think their shit don’t smell.

Of course authors will quote them, they are Harriet Klausner-type reviewers who think that every book written is the best thing since sliced bread. They’re that particularly funky breed of reviewer, who have never read a bad book. Evah.

Mrs G didn’t actually attack them, or anybody else. They kinda came out of the woodwork, in that scary Rabid Fangirly way that creeps me out.

That Lucinda chick kept harping on about how cowardly Mrs G was and that she should out herself. WTF? Where the fuck has she been? Outer effing Mongolia?

I tell you, their fuckwittery was awe-inspiring.

Mrs G had this to say in response to Jax’s comment:

Nice one-liner dude.

Kristen, also another member of the Divas weighs in with her particular brand of fucktardiness:

Jesus, I tell ya, if it was raining brains, some of these amoebas wouldn’t even get wet.

(Sorry Mrs G, but the devil on my shoulder made me do it. *g*)

Right, I’m off to bed, it’s been a loooong day.