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Well, look at what we have here, apparently RWA have found a way to still stay friends with HQN, after taking away their eligible publisher status in a stand-off akin to the one that took place at the Alamo back in eighteen something or other. I can’t believe it took them so damned long:

Taking into account emerging trends in publishing that may offer opportunities to writers, the task force recommended that RWA adopt methods used by other trade shows and conventions and to shift its method of evaluating publishers as a whole to evaluating publishers by divisions, imprints, or lines.

Under this revised method, RWA will extend invitations to a wide pool of publishers. Invitees may only represent their non-subsidy/non-vanity publishing programs (imprints, divisions, or lines) at RWA’s conference. Space for spotlights, workshops, and booksignings will be allocated to lines, imprints, or divisions that best meet the requirements for “Qualifying Markets.” This new process of evaluation will likely increase opportunities for small presses and e-presses that previously have been excluded.

Of course I’m not surprised, I knew RWA wouldn’t be able to stick to their principles, they need HQN more than HQN needs them. In the words of Mrs G:

RWA 0 – Harlequin 1

I hate to say I told ya so, so I’m just gonna post what my cynical self wrote back in November:

I’m with Mrs Giggles, I wonder how long it will be before the RWA change the terms of publisher eligibility in order to welcome Harlequin back into the fold?

Now let’s wait and see how long it takes before they ‘invite’ HQN back to the fold.


Via Dear Author


Apparently RWA aren’t renewing DA Jane’s RWA Associate membership, because apparently she doesn’t support RWA or romance authors.




Hmmm, I bet the RWA never thought they’d be in a position where they’d have to un-recognise one of its biggest publishers as a result of their stance on e-publishing companies vanity presses eh?

I’m assuming that most of you have heard about Harlequin Horizons by now? If not, Dear Author has a very informative post about HQN’s newest get-richer-quicker, ethically dubious venture.

For those who can’t be arsed popping over to read the post, (more…)


Warning, this is a particularly long rant, the likes of which I rarely like to indulge in these days, so I suggest you grab yourself some coffee and chocolates before you commence reading.

Dear Diane

I read your post the other day on E-span, (in response to Deidre Knight’s post that she wrote a few weeks ago) trying to defend RWA’s stance on e-publishing, and I must say, I was swearing rather loudly by the time I finished reading your column. I had to immediately take some maximum strength headache tablets, due to the brick-sized foot that seemed to be stamping on my head.

Diane, I get it, I really do, the RWA is a dinosaur that’s hard to move, mired in tradition such as it is. The majority of your members are print-published, so to a certain extent, I do indeed understand your reluctance to embrace anything that on the surface seems to veer away from those very traditions that are an essential part of your history and success.

However Diane, dinosaurs eventually became extinct, and there’s nothing to say that RWA in its current format, will continue to be successful. Myopia has downed many great organisations in the past, and RWA doesn’t have the divine right to be the exception to the rule.

Your stance with regards to digital publishing has turned this into a Them vs Us debate. Print vs E-published, as if the two aren’t able to co-exist happily together, without the constant attempts to undermine and bully the new kid on the block.

You wrote in your column: (more…)


Like many readers who spend time around romance blogs (readers’ or authors’) I have been an interested observer of the continuing train wreck that is RWA’s stance on e publishers.

Leaving aside the often condescending (if not outright distasteful) attitude that seem to drip off some of RWA’s board members’ communications with the general membership *coughDianePershingcough* here is some of the stuff I don’t get. If I understand correctly, the raison d’être for RWA is to educate its members, giving them the information they need to make intelligent choices about everything from choosing an agent to reading a contract, in order to have fulfilling careers as writers of romance novels.


Now this is interesting. I saw this letter over at Bitch Envy’s blog. It’s from a columnist with the Romance Writer’s Report.

Dear Publisher

THE RWR editors will not allow me to interview small presses editors even though their publishing house is “recognized” by RWA. I am only allowed to interview New York publishers.

This is not my decision…obviously since I asked you for an interview…but a decision the RWR editors absolutely insisted I adhere to.

I made several cases on the behalf of the smaller publishers…such as small presses are buying new authors and many New York editors shop the smaller presses when acquiring new talent…but got nowhere.

I am extremely sorry about. I do not understand this decision at all and do not agree with it one bit. However, I am not the editor of the RWR.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


Does “small presses” really mean e-publishers? Interesting.

Oh look, RWA has redefined ‘vanity publishing’. I guess they must have finally found a lawyer with a higher IQ than a tadpole. *g* Just kidding of course. *g*

*Ahem* I digress…

As a lowly reader, it makes perfect sense to me. Seriously.

I think E-pubs should pay advances, because if they did, they’d be less likely to accept any old drivel.

Don’t faint, but this part of the RWA statement got a big old Yay! from me:

On an earlier blog post, Angie opined that if Samhain did start paying advances, they wouldn’t be able to take the risks they do now, in terms of the wide variety of books and genres that they currently accept. I’m not so sure that’s altogether a bad thing.

I think Samhain are pretty savvy when it comes to signing authors, but I know that there are plenty of e-pubs out there who seem to take any old crap (I think a lot of us know who they are). I think this happens because some of these publishers don’t have the same level of investment or risk factor, that an advance-paying publisher does. Look at Triskelion and Venus Press, as prime examples. Those buggers totally sodded off, and left their authors high and dry as a nun’s c*nt.

As per usual, I’ll completely ignore the bigger picture, e.g., what it means to publishers like EC and Samhain, and concentrate on the only bit that interests me. *g*

So, waddaya think, should e-pubs pay advances or not?

And actually, do you truly give a crap either way?

Not that I give rats arse about the fact that RWA Have basically told erotic romance publishers to fuck off, but I was wondering about the real reasons behind the decision.

I’m thinking that Reason Number One was the whole Gail Northman/Triskelion thing. Let’s face it, Northman might as well have taken a dump whilst the whole of Romanceland looked on. Not pretty. Triskelion going bankrupt and shitting on their authors from a great height, probably didn’t help the cause either.

Reason Number Two, Venus Press basically shut down and didn’t bother telling anybody. The way I heard it, the owner stopped taking authors calls, answering e-mails etc. Bad, bad, bad.

And Reason Number Three, the whole Elloras Cave/Jaid Black assfuckery. You can’t tell me these people don’t read blogs, and cast their judgemental nets over Romanceland.

Then again, it might have simply been because the RWA hate the stink of erotic romance like Victoria Beckham hates simple carbohydrates. And then there’s all that anal sex, and the naughty men giving each other blowjobs. Come on, surely that aint romance Hilda!

I’m thinking, that they were thinking, that Barbara Cartland would surely be rolling over in her grave if she knew that men were rimming other men in the name of romance. *g*

Who’s betting that in a few days when the e-pubs start going crazy, and burning things, and pulling down their pants to pull moonies, that The RWA, will send out a press release trying desperately to back-track?

I love how RWA Fuckwittery happens every year without fail, oh happy days.

OK, that’s the extent of my commentary on this. Like I said, personally, I don’t really give a flying crap either way.

And by the way America, what’s with all the David Beckham over-hype? Do you guys even know what position he plays? Sheesh.