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You know, the only time I ever wear big knickers is when the painters and decorators come a-calling, and that’s only because thongs and sanitary towels don’t really mix, or at least they shouldn’t mix.

Earlier this week, I noticed a woman wearing jeans, and she had the biggest and baddest Visible Panty Line, evah. Even TTG noticed that her knickers were at war with her assets, and he’s not the most observant of men.

Since that incident, I’ve noticed quite a few ladies wearing the afore-mentioned under-garments, and the one thing that’s clear, is that they are not flattering to the female backside at all.

Whilst I don’t really do G-strings, I can’t bear wearing knickers that bunch up at the back, and make me look like I’m suffering from piles. Thongs are much more discreet, dontcha think?

So, are you a thong wearer, or do you prefer to keep everything packed up tight in big panties?

Come on, you can share, I promise I wont tell a soul… (g)