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Do Self-Help Books Really Help?

Sunday, March 2, 2008
Posted in: self-help books

Or is it all in the mind?

I know that there are lots of different types of self-help books out there, but I’m talking about the ones that promise to improve the quality of your life, the ones that claim they can help you become a better lover, and the ones that aim to heal your mind, and make you a better person.

I read on Keishon’s blog that Oprah’s latest pick is the fastest selling yet. It happens to be a self-help book. The title, Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose, gives us a clue, as to what it might be about.

I know that in America, self-help books are really popular, but I’ve started noticing them on English bookshelves too.

I must admit, I’m very sceptical about books that endeavour to tell you how to live your life right, but I guess with all these people shelling out their hard-earned money for someone to tell them that in order to be happy they should practice smiling ten times a day, they must work to a certain degree.

Anybody got any examples of self-help books that actually helped improve your life?