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Oooh, somehow with all the madness over the past couple of weeks, I managed to miss the fact that Harlequin’s erotic Spice Briefs line is up and running.

Spice Briefs cost just $2.99, and the wordcount is generally between 5k and 15k words. There’s a $0.99 special offer on the books until 15th August, so go buy!

When I was over there, I noticed that Sarah McCarty’s Letting Go was the top seller so far. Fabulous.

Somehow, it also managed to escape my notice that Eharlequin are now offering e-books for all their lines. Anyway, I immediately went and ordered Sarah McCarty’s, Letting Go, and Jessica Bird’s, The Billionaire Next Door. I must say though, I’m most annoyed that the text-to-speech functionality isn’t operational on their Lit books. One of the great things about MS Reader, is having the option of being read aloud to. I hate that publisher exclusive downloads excludes this function. Dammit.

By the way, am I the only person who struggles to remember romance heroes and heroine names, after reading a book? I was packing up some of the books on my keeper shelf this morning, and I found that I couldn’t remember half the character’s names, and these were books I loved! Sheesh…