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Friday, November 25, 2011
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, Gratitude, Thank God For Romance

trying to be thankful feels like an uphill battle. Your life is fucked up and all the shit in it keeps popping up in your thoughts, no matter what you are doing (and more so in your one day off).

But there are many, many good things in your life too, many things–and people–that enrich your soul, that lift your spirit and that, even in the darkest hours, keep you afloat.

Thank you.

Thanks Shiloh…

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Posted in: Thank God For Romance

For the ARC of Fragile. It came in the post on Tuesday. You’re the only author who sends me books knowing that I probably wont review them, but not minding a bit. Oh, you and Maya that is.

Just so you know, I appreciate the guilt-free reads, so thanks bitches. 🙂

 Warning: Spoilers galore

After the utter bollocks that was The Second Husband, I stupidly decided to read Meg Hutchinson’s The Wanton Redhead.

This is a historical, by the way.

Basically, the sister (Thea) of our heroine, (Alyssa) gets pregnant when the bloke she’s having an affair with, refuses to marry her.

Three years later, she dumps the child on Alyssa, to be with some other guy who promises her riches beyond her imagination. (Yep, she was a grade A twat) At first Alyssa refuses, until Thea threatens to throw her own son down a mine shaft if Alyssa doesn’t keep him. Nice.

Anyway Alyssa ends up not only looking after her mother, (who’s mind departed with the fairies when her husband and four sons got killed in a mining accident,) but also raising a child that isn’t hers.

A few years later, Alyssa is walking home, when she hears Thea’s son, David (a boy who she loves more than life) cry out. She runs to his aid, only to find two men cracking a whip over the little boy’s head. Alyssa grabs him, and tells him to run, leaving her to face the men on her own. The drunken bastards then rape her, just because in those days, they apparently could.

Anyway, by now I’m suitably appalled, and I begin to get that sinking feeling that this book is going to go along the same lines as Louise Candlish’s book. Fucking hell.

Anyhoo, as if things weren’t bad enough, Alyssa, David (who’s blind by the way, sorry, did I forget to mention that?) and her mother are then kicked out of the house they’ve lived in most of their lives, by the ex-owner’s greedy nephew.

They are taken in by a friend’s brother, and things seem to be settling down, when David gets sick. He of course dies, (Seriously, did you expect anything less?) so that Alyssa is left to take care of her loony mother, who’s never once showed her the love and affection that she used to heap on her slut of a sister.

Alyssa is broken hearted because she loved David like her own, and also because she realises that there is no longer anybody in the world who loves her unconditionally. Her own mother’s neglect and lack of feeling towards her has been a source of pain for her, over many years, and now that David is dead, she feels the lack of a mother’s love, even greater.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, not long after, Alyssa’s mother wanders off, and ends up drowning. So now Alyssa really is on her own. She then discovers that The Greedy Nephew (who threw them out of their home) is one of the men who attacked her.

Anyway, the upshot of the story is, Alyssa discovers that her sister might not be living happily ever after, but may indeed be the victim of white slave trade, so goes off on a boat to Jamaica, where once again, she’s nearly attacked by the man who paid for her passage.

At this point, I was exhausted, but I managed to finish the story, and Alyssa did manage to get her happy ending, but I was so not convinced.

This book was a slight improvement on The Second Husband, but only because the heroine did end up with somebody who loved her.

With all the stuff that had happened to her, I just wasn’t convinced that she would be able to live a normal happy life.

The book was written well enough, but I just couldn’t deal with so many bad things happening to one person. From now on, I’ll stick to good old crime books, and romance novels. At least I kinda know what to expect with both of those genres. Sheesh.

Warning, shitloads of spoilers and swearing ahead

I’ve been on a bit of of a romance reading slump lately, so the other day, I decided to buy some non-romance fiction.

Fuck me, what a mistake that was.

The first book was called The Second Husband, by a Brit author called Louise Candlish.

I bought it, because I’d read one of her older books a while ago, and had enjoyed it, so I thought I’d give this one a try.

Jesus, I shouldn’t have fucking bothered.

Basically, the story is about a divorced woman (Kate), with two kids, boy, eleven, and girl, seventeen, who is forced to take in a lodger after her ex-husband announces that his current wife is pregnant. (Less maintenance money, etc.)

Anyway, the daughter (Roxy) was basically a slut, who could have done with a firm hand or two. She also has an equally slutty friend, who had a habit of talking to her own mother like crap. She also needed a good kick up the arse.

The mother (Kate) becomes attracted to the apparently charismatic lodger, (Davis) although, she can tell that he has no interest in her as a woman.

One day, whilst Kate is trying to relive her youth by trying on her daughter’s slutty clothes, Davis knocks on the door. When Davis sees Kate in Roxy’s clothes, he gets turned on, and he’s so overcome with lust that he jumps on Kate, and they have jack-rabbit sex.

At this point, I am totally skeeved out, because quite obviously, the man has a thing for younger girls.

Anyway, things cool down a bit between them, and Kate starts noticing how much time Davis is spending ‘tutoring’ Roxy (Did I mention that the man is a teacher by the way?).

Kate, whilst feeling insecure about Davis’ affections for her, tells him that he has to find somewhere else to stay. At this point, Davis asks her to marry him (bear in mind that they’ve only been sorta seeing each other for two weeks).

Kate who is a fucktard above all fucktards, agrees to marry a man who only seems to find her attractive when she’s wearing teen clothes. A man she’s only known for two fucking weeks.

Davis and Kate then get married, quite quickly. Kate can’t believe that she’s managed to bag this seemingly perfect man, and is happy as a pig in shit. For about two minutes, at least.

One day, whilst she’s clearing out Davis’ old room, she finds some love letters. Kate, being a total fuckwit, and a disgrace to woman-kind in general, initially assumes that the letters are an homage to her.

As she reads on, she discovers that the letters are actually about her daughter Roxy (Give the fucking woman a medal). It turns out that Roxy and Davis had been secretly having an affair, and that Davis only asked Kate to marry him, so that he could stay close to Roxy. Stellar.

Mayhem and madness ensues, and the daughter ends up running away with Kate’s second husband.

Fuck me, rigid. I really hated this book.

What pissed me off the most about The Second Husband  was that there wasn’t a satisfactory come-uppance for Davis. Or Roxy, come to think of it. They’d basically messed up loads of lives, caused lots of heartache, and the author didn’t see fit to make them pay. That made me mad as hell. So mad in fact that I threw the fucking book out of the window. I think it will be a happy addition to the compost at the bottom of the garden.

Anyway, being a glutton for punishment, I read the next book on my list, Meg Hutchinson’s The Wanton Redhead. I’m too annoyed to even discuss that book right now, so I’ll wait until I’ve calmed down sufficiently enough to talk about it.