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I’m not surprised very often, but the other day I received a very supportive e-mail from Renee Rocco AKA Rene Lyons AKA Dishing Diva, which shocked the hell out of me You guys remember her right? She’s the owner of Lyrical Press, formerly known as Dragon Spell Publishing.

Well, her e-mail was just lovely, and courageous, and I wanted to say thanks. She didn’t have to send it, considering our rocky history, but she did, and I’m appreciative.

I see that Rene Rocco, AKA Dishing Diva, AKA Rene Lyons has decided to change the name of her publishing company:

Hello everyone

After discussing things with our accountant, Frank and I decided to do away with Dragon Spell Publishing and operate solely under our corporation name of Lyrical Press Inc. We’re the same old owners doing the same old business, just under our corporation name and at a new location:

Lyrical Press.Com

Along with preventing any future problems doing business as Dragon Spell (we’re 99% positive it wouldn’t cause any problems but that 1% was too much for Frank and I), we also realized that being Lyrical Press, Inc. but operating as DSP might cause some confusion with readers and authors. Especially since Lyrical Press, Inc. is on everything except for the website. We learned this only by facing that particular situation and finding that to some, it might seem confusing. We want only good for our authors and staff and so, after agonizing over this decision for weeks, we decided it was best to make the change now, before it’s too late.

Frank and I had the hope of using Dragon Spell Publishing as the place to sell or romance/erotica titles, while expanding our catalog to include other genres (Young Adult) under our company name of Lyrical Press, Inc. Trial by error taught us this might confuse some, look a bit sloppy, and that was simply unacceptable to us as I am fanatical when it comes to organization.

It’s difficult finding our footing, learning what works and what doesn’t, under the watchful eye of the public, so I hope you bear with us as we welcome in Lyrical Press, Inc.

Thank you for your understanding and support as Lyrical Press, Inc. grows and thrives.


As a an astute cyber pal of mine pointed out, they’ve probably made the change because the Dragon Spell name might be tainted Google-wise, now. Oh well, we’ll see what happens with them I’m sure.

How long are we giving Lyrical Press before they close down “due to hormonal women and bitching”? *g*

Thanks to you-know-who for the tip-off.

I was over at Book Binge reading a post by Holly, about the whole Cassie Edwards plagiarism thing, when I came across a familiar looking comment:

“There is more going on here than CE is wrong. What’s happened here is disgusting but sadly, not surprising. Not too long ago I was attacked personally. It went past attacks on my professional life and turned into brutal attacks on my personal life and most importantly, my family. Yes. My family was dragged into it. There is no line anymore of what separates right and wrong.

Sadly, our community has become a free-for-all, where no one is safe from attack.”

This was from Renee Rocco, AKA Rene Lyons AKA The Dishing Diva.

I came across a similar comment on Jenny Crusie’s blog, but I more or less ignored it. Seemingly though, it’s a message that she wants to get across to people so I thought I’d do her the favour of sticking it on here, so that she doesn’t have to repeat it on every blog that she visits.

I know, I’m far too kind for my own good.

She continues:

“No, back to CE. SHE WAS WRONG. NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT SHE’S DONE. NONE. (had to put that in). Nevertheless, what should have been a reporting of the facts and kept to reasonable debates and discussions, sank so low that I too, am ashamed of what I’ve been reading out there. Blogs ripping her apart, tearing anyone to shreds who dares to questions THE TONE of the attacks.

This has become a virtual lynch-mob. With the AP involved now, brining more eyes on us all, it’s shameful that this is what people are seeing when they look at us. It was bad enough that CE cast a shadow over us. What came after only made us look like a pack of rabid dogs.

I wonder when this community will settle back down and these brutal attacks, not just on CE, but on whichever reader/author is the new “target of the week”

I just about nearly cried when I read her heartfelt plea to the romance community to stop tearing each other apart. Her words really affected me in a profound way.

So I pledge to thee my loyal readers, that from now on, I shall do my part and refrain from mocking those who don’t have the common sense that they must have surely been born with. I shall refrain from airing strong unpopular opinions, and I shall refrain from using the word ‘fucktard’, in relation to those people who seem to lose their minds on a daily basis in Romanceland. I shall also refrain from reminding people that the person in question set up a blog, pretending to be somebody else, just so that she could take potshots at other authors, for example, J.R. Ward.

This is my pledge to you, my loyal readers, and I will endeavour to live a life free of mockery and bitchiness, from here on in.

Updated to add: My pledge will be fulfilled when hell freezes over.

Wow, TTG and I are only just recovering from our New Year’s Eve blowout. We hosted a party at ours, and I haven’t had that much fun, since… last week.

Anyway, I hope you all had an equally good time, whatever you were doing.

Moving on, Rene Lyons, the CEO of the newly formed e-publisher, Dragon Spell Publishing, posted on my blog a couple of days ago.

I think she got a little pissed off by some of the accusations levelled at her, thus this compulsion to set the record straight. Here’s what she wrote:

“I just wanted to drop in and give a response to some of these accusations written by two of the Anonymous posters and Puppet Truth.

Let me start with the claim that I “expect to surpass Samhain within a year of operation”. That’s preposterous. Nevertheless, I am looking to Samhain, Ellora’s Cave and the other highly successful small presses to see what made them succeed where others have failed. They are the standard by which I’ll judge Dragon Spell. I’m sure anyone can understand that. They are the gold standard and SHOULD be looked to.

As far as me pissing off people, yes, as an author I’ve misstepped a time a two – put my big fat foot right in my big fat mouth, but then, who here hasn’t done or said something that causes them to break out in a cold sweat and wish they could take back? All I can do is learn from past mistakes and solider on and allow the merit of my character and the respectful and honorable treatment of my authors speak for me.

I’ve also heard it said I “ticked” off someone at ARe. I wrote to Lori James herself and she replied back that such a rumor was utter nonsense and she wondered what someone hoped to gain by saying such a thing. I saved that email from Mrs. James as proof of that blatant lie. I have a very good relationship with the entire staff at ARe.

The RRP authors I’ve emailed were ones I believed I’d become friends with during my time there as a cover artist. I didn’t mass email the authors there. And as far me cold emailing authors, yes, I’ve done that as a means to introduce Dragon Spell. At the time, I saw nothing wrong with an introduction. I see now that was not the thing to do and have not done so again. A mistake learned from and not repeated.

The claim from Puppet Truth that I am not an inc or llc, that’s another blatant lie. It doesn’t help their case of discrediting me if someone is caught lying, as Puppet Truth clearly is. How can anything else they say be believed? Our company name is Lyrical Press, Inc. We’ve chosen to to do business as Dragon Spell in order to broaden our publishing range. You cannot publish erotic along side of young adult, so under the blanket name of Lyrical Press, Inc., we can do both. Dragon Spell can publish all that wonderful goodness that is romance in all of it’s forms and genres and Lyrical Press Inc. can publishing everything else.

I was not fired from Red Rose Publishing due to unprofessional behavior despite what is being said. I have the emails and IMs to prove I resigned first as an editor when the publisher did not back me when I criticized the author who posted here “(could have been, I don’t know…me)” during edits. I stayed on at RRP for another couple of months (which proves I contunied to have a good relationship with RRP) before resigning at 7am on December 5th after learning that the publisher had begun slandering me (I have saved IMs and emails proving this) the day I informed her I had opened Dragon Spell. I remain at Dark Eden Press as Art Director and have an amazing relationship with everyone there, some of which are actually RRP authors as well.

After making the decision to resign from writing I posted on my personal blog that I would be deleting it and stepping back from the persona of ‘Rene Lyons’ the author to focus on other ventures. Roughly two weeks later I deleted the blog.

All I want to do is provide readers with good books. I want to give authors a safe and friendly home for their books. I will not be drawn into a tit-for-tat war or reduce myself to playing petty games of gossip. It’s unprofessional and highly damaging to a publisher’s reputation. That should be remembered at all times and I will do my best to succeed and live up to the promises I’ve made to my authors of treating them with respect and honoring their hard work.

Renee Rocco
(Rene Lyons)
Dragon Spell Publishing”

Shit, that was long wasn’t it?

Anyway, I was really upset when she wrote that she will not be “drawn into a tit-for-tat war”, or be reduced to “playing petty games of gossip”. Dammit, what the hell am I supposed to do for the rest of the year? Some people are so damned inconsiderate. Sheesh.

(BTW, is it just me, or does Dragon Spell’s website go funny whenever I try scrolling up or down?)

Remember how earlier this year, Teresa Jacobs, CEO of the now defunct Mardi Gras Publishing, lost her damn mind? No? Well she’s the madam who wrote that she’d closed down MGP, “due to a lack of finances, hormonal females, and bitching”.

Well, apparently she’s started up a new publishing company called LA Media. I was wondering who the hell would be foolish enough to trust her with their books, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that one of the authors was a lady called Jaden Sinclair (the other author was Teresa, herself under the guise of Teresa Wayne, and some bird called Savannah Black). Now for some reason, that name seems very familiar to me, can anybody shed a light on who she is? Didn’t she engage in a full-on rant trying to defend Jacobs and MGP?

Anyway, I found her Teresa Wayne blog, and I must admit, I was tickled pink when I read the blog post entitled Vengeance is Karma. She writes:

Apparently LA Media also provide proof-reading, and various other editorial services. Nuff said. *g*

In other news remember The Dishing Diva, AKA author, Rene Lyons? Well apparently she’s also decided to start a a new publishing company too. It must be something in the air.

I must say though, I was most gratified to see the following stipulations on the site:

Now if she’d banned daddy/daughter play, I would have been in seventh heaven, but alas, I’ll have to make do with her banning rape play and incest. *g*

It seems scarily easy to start your own e-pub these days. If I was an aspiring author, there’s no way I’d give them my work until they’d been published for at least three years.

I’m wondering how long they’ll both stay in business?

And before anybody mentions it, yes, I did indeed notice who the first commenter on the Dishing Diva post was. Ahhh, the good old days of rampant sucking up eh? *g*