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Pope Benedict v Pope John-Paul II…

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Posted in: The Pope

Pope Benedict

I know I’m not a catholic, but I find myself despising the current pope on a daily basis. I know that PJP wasn’t perfect, God rest his soul, but he was so much more…. likeable… than the present pontiff.

Pope John-Paul

From Benedict’s views on condoms and aids in Africa, to the current allegations of him turning a blind eye to child abuse within the catholic church, I’m really growing to dislike him intensely.

I realise that there are catholics out there who feel that criticising the pope is tantamount to criticising the catholic church, but you must admit, he doesn’t have the same aura about him that Pope John-Paul did.

Can’t the church choose somebody else, or does he have to expire first?

My dislike for him could boil down to this comment from a fellow tweeter though:

“Benedict does look a little like Darth Sideous… that might be it….he looks like a man who believed in something all his life, finally got hold of the hotline to God and no one picked up.”

What say you?