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"White men do NOT want black women! And here's why..." - An Ignorant Black Man Speaks...

It’s men like this utter cockmonkey who make me question why more black women aren’t dating outside of their race. The ignorance makes me want to chew my own eyes out.

Oh, and he blames black mothers for the number of black men in prison. He doesn’t apportion any blame to the absentee fathers who spread their seed here, there and everywhere, only to run away from their responsibilities.

He writes in the comments section:

“The absenteeism of the black father is PROMOTED by the EMOTIONAL immaturity of the women or girls having these babies. The absenteeism of the black father is promoted by black girls or women who TOUT the strong INDEPENDENT black woman who doesn’t need no man complex. The absenteeism of black fathers in black homes is promoted by black women who know that it is EASY to DIVORCE or force a black man away because CHILD SUPPORT and WELFARE will bail her irresponsible ass out.”

That’s not all, responding to a commenter who wholeheartedly disagreed with him, he wrote this:

“This is just an angry incoherent RANT from a GUILTY white man’s whore. But let me state this for you the incomprehensive, incompetent black bearer of the VAGINA & birth canal & thus the ONLY ONE who DICTATES how a child is born.
NO MAN can stick his dick into a RAW vagina, INSEMINATES SPERM INTO HER WOMB, FORCE a? woman to become pregnant without the consent of that WOMAN. the ONLY bastard babies that come into this world are those by LOWLIFE women & BLACK women LEAD in that LOWLIFE category…”

What an utter wankstain.


Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but life tends to get in the way a bit.

Anyway, I’m interrupting my unintentional blogging hiatus to share my incredulity at the following:

Firstly, I’m reading a Lena Matthews book, where one of the secondary characters is called MeShell. Seriously? (Does the fact that she’s a drag queen make a difference?)

Secondly, what the fuck is going on with that crazy fuckwit over at StopGRBullies? Outing Goodreads reviewers, whilst pretending she’s the seeker of truth and justice? Say whaat? She seems to think that she’s sticking it to the mean girls, but as with that Cindy Whatsherface from a few years ago who wanted to teach us mean girls a lesson, she seems to be under the illusion that what she’s doing is for the good of the Goodreads community. Somehow, she’s failed to grasp that what she’s doing is soooo much worse than readers leaving negative or slice and dice reviews. Here at KKB, we understand that the bint over at StopGRBullies is the real bully in this tale. A cowardly one at that. Doctor heal thyself much?

Here’s a post from from one of her victims.



For a rather beautifully articulated OP on the above, head on over to Dear Author, but for Oprah’s sake, watch out for the batshit loony wankers defecating all over the comments section.

And People Wonder Why I Hate Organised Religion So Much...

Check out this utter knob jockey called Bruce, who had this (and loads more besides) to say:

“It is funny to see the charge of misogyny leveled at the Church by women who promote the female version of pornography. Both “romance novels” and porn objectify and destroy the dignity of men and women. The Church opposes this, because she believes in the dignity of men and women, and rejects our objectification. (more…)

I’ve been on the internet long enough now that surely nothing should surprise me, but honestly, the depravity of some people is beyond the pale.

Footballer, Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the football pitch on Saturday, after suffering a heart attack. This happened in the middle of a game.

It seemed that everybody and his wife took to Twitter to extend their fervent hope that he would be ok. Whilst normal folk were left reeling by this incident, a couple of people devoid of any humanity, took to Twitter and used the incident as an excuse to hurl racist abuse and wish death upon him.

I want to know, what kind of mind would tweet this kind of abuse? (more…)

Seriously, I’m having a hard time believing it, but the evidence is right here.

I wouldn’t mind, but we all know that in approximately eighteen months time, Laurann Dohner will be sobbing into her Zinfandel, whilst throwing hate bombs at EC, bemoaning the day she ever got into bed with them. So to speak.

I can name a few prolific EC authors who were all tight and shit with the higher-ups, until it all seemed to go to crap after The Royal Shafting began. Amarinda Jones, Carol Lynne, Lora Leigh, Chey McCray, to name but a few.

I don’t know why anybody would enslave themselves to one publisher in this way. What if a better publisher comes along? One who offers advances and everything?

I get that she’s prolific, and she could probably do it in no time, but how crazy does a person have to be to sign their books away in such a fashion?

The business sense or lack thereof astounds me.

Anyway, good luck to Ms Dohner, God knows she’s gonna need it.

Via Dear Author Jane on Twitter.

I often forget how useful a blog can be. I’m also rather amazed by how stupid people on the internet can be. Stupid, deluded, and vicious. But most of all cowardly. Oh so cowardly.

Most of the comments below are related to a plus sized girl who was in a reality series last year.


“But surely all the excess blubber would go up to her neck?”
Scots Rool

oooh harsh.

“Pushes up her saggy breasts and makes her less bottom heavy.”

Enquiring minds would love to know what Dome looks like… (more…)

I can’t lie, I was horrified when I saw this article about a job advertisement that called for an “attractive” and “young” female.

The job advertisement was placed by a South African company, offering between 28000 rands and 36000 rands per month. (between £2500 and £3200)

Check it out:

“Multinational businessman seeks to employ an attractive young lady between the age of 18 and 35 to join our ever-growing company,” the advert read. “You must be friendly, dynamic and exciting to work with.

“There is an excellent compensation package, provided you have a flirtatious nature, and a wardrobe that will send my imagination tingling.”

“Please note that you will be required to be open-minded and mix business with loads of pleasure,” the advert continued. “Experience is not vital. What matters is your looks and your ability to hold a conversation.

“All that needs to be learnt will be taught to you.”

Wow, is that how they do things in the South African recruitment adverts market? Not sure that this bloke really wants a secretary…

Via Digital Spy

I just can’t believe that a mother has been jailed for restraining her daughter who was on drugs. Check out the story here.

Here’s an excerpt:

A Kent MP is calling for sentencing guidelines to be reviewed after a mother was jailed for trying to stop her daughter going out to buy heroin.

Julia Saker, from Dover, is serving a 12 month sentence after pleading guilty to false imprisonment.

Her husband, Tim, said she tried to stop daughter, Tabitha, 19, leaving the house in October last year, by taping her legs together round her jeans.

“I am deeply concerned,” said Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover and Deal.

“I have written to the Attorney General and to Ken Clarke at the Ministry of Justice to ask for the sentencing guidelines to be reviewed urgently and to ask what exactly the judge was doing imposing a sentence like this.”

Tabitha said on Friday she would swap places with her mother if she could.

“She shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of me taking drugs,” she said.

“I think most parents would have felt it was the right thing to do, that she didn’t really have much other option.

“My mother is a very homely person – she doesn’t want a lot, she just wants to be at home.”

Mr Saker said he was devastated when his wife was jailed at Canterbury Crown Court last month.

Seriously, we have repeat offenders who are lucky to get a slap on the wrist for far more serious crimes, and yet, the British justice system sees fit to jail a mother trying to save her daughter’s life? What. The. Actual. Fuck?

The law is truly an ass. What do you guys think? Would you do the same thing under similar circumstances? I think I probably would in all honesty…

Does anybody know who Sylvia Massara is? Anybody?

All I know is, she sure is an awfully stupid brave author.

She’s set up a blog, called Authors Helping Authors. Yep, it does indeed sound like one of those support groups where people stand up and tell a roomful of strangers about their woes, doesn’t it?

Anyway, this is the aim of the blog, according to our lovely Sylvie Poohs:

As an author, I know how difficult it is to promote one’s work. These days, unless one is a “celeb author”, much of the promotional work is left up to the author themselves. With this in view, I created this blog “Authors helping authors”

Imagine the power of authors helping other authors promote their work, and in turn, these authors help you, and so on and so forth. By standing together we can make this happen. In this blog, I will be featuring articles, snippets about other authors and tips from authors and/or publicists who help promote authors.

Oh how admirable, I hear you say, what a lovely selfless gesture I hear you all cry, why didn’t I think of doing such a thing, the envious ones amongst you secretly think to yourselves. Well….. here’s the thing, there are plenty of blogs out there that help authors. Indeed, many of these blogs are written by authors for other authors. Weird huh? (more…)

Urrgghhh, there is nothing worse than sanctimonious twats who happen to have columns in a national papers. I know, there are just too many of them.

Liz Jones has annoyed the crap out of me this morning with her latest column in The Daily Mail, entitled “Oh Do Put Them Away!” With the strapline: “They’re intelligent, talented – and role models for the young. So why do so many TV anchor women dress like barmaids?”

Liz starts:

So, is cleavage acceptable at eight in the morning? Last week, Daybreak presenter Kate Garraway wore an astonishingly low-cut dress on the breakfast TV sofa.
Halfway through the programme, she must have been told to change, as she appeared later on in something decidedly high-necked.
But the image of ample bosom so early in the day set me thinking: why do women on TV, and particularly those on news programmes, have to dress like barmaids?

Here’s a pic of the lady she’s talking about:

You tell me guys, is there anything particularly offensive about how she’s dressed, and in the bars that you’ve been to, is this how they all dress?

The sanctimonious dick continues:

This need to look not just attractive and well turned out but as if they were heading off for a night at Stringfellows infects not just those who present the, shall we say, more populist news programmes, but ones who do the more high-brow stuff, too.
Kirsty Wark is in her 50s and has proved herself professionally, and yet still you get the impression that she spends the day in the run up to Newsnight with her head stuck in Grazia, not The Economist: the Twin Towers shoes, just waiting for disaster; the ill-judged print prom dress; the primary-coloured boxy jackets; the exposure of those knees; and — oh, dear God, no! — the chunky jewellery at her throat.
Kirsty is not brassy, not in the way Kate is, but she offends my sensibilities just as acutely. Here is a woman with no sense of style whatsoever (and who cares, frankly, with a brain like that?), but who still feels the need to dress like French Vogue’s Carine Roitfeld.

Jesus, I’m annoyed right now.

And don’t even get me started on her Newsnight colleague Emily Maitlis, an Oxbridge graduate who speaks Mandarin, but whose experiments with fashion make Isabella Blow seem as conservative as the Queen.
I did email Emily and ask for her input for this feature, posing such probing questions as, ‘Where do you buy your jackets?’ and, ‘Which women on TV did you look up to growing up?’

I’m not going to post any more quotes, my blood is boiling far too much. Anyway, this was the toned down version of my response on the Daily Mail site:

I can’t help feeling that your comments are a generational thing. I watch the news constantly, and I have to say, I’ve never noticed this phenomenon of female news anchors dressing like barmaids.
I’d like to ask how you think barmaids dress though, because unless you frequent somewhere like Hooters, the regulation clothes worn by most bar girls that I’ve come across are jeans and a nice top.

I think you and others like you, who like to think you’re channelling Emmaline Pankhurst, don’t understand the real meaning of feminism. Women should be able to choose what they wear, without being subjected to ridicule by a columnist in a paper that has a history of showing scantily clad ladies in order to boost its circulation.

You, Liz Jones, are part of the problem in this nanny state of ours. Your next commentary should be entitled Woman-On-Woman Hatred, Whatever Happened To Sisterhood?

What say you?

Thanks to Mark (@Borehamwood50) on Twitter for alerting me to the article, and yes Mark, I do believe her remarks probably stem from jealousy.

…And the world goes crazy. Or so I’m told.

Anyway, so Rachel Potter has resigned from AAR after making those highly inflammatory comments, blaming women for rape, and everything else that’s wrong in the world. She didn’t go quietly though. She slagged off the planet and her daughter on her personal blog, before rethinking and deleting the post. You may still be able to get the cached version if you’re quick.

Personally, I think she did the right thing. There are lots of comments over at Dear Author lamenting on what a shame it is that she’s no longer at AAR, but honestly, I don’t see how she could have continued there, after she’d shown her knickers in such a fashion.

I actually thought that Rachel’s comments were more of a one-off than her actual deep-seated beliefs – or at least I did until I read her personal blog, and saw some of the comments that she’d made on other anti-feminist blogs.

Yes, Rachel is an anti-feminist who fundamentally believes that post-modern feminism is the reason why the world is going to hell in a handbasket. She seems to also believe that young women of today who have discarded the traditional role of women (as in wife, home-maker, and mother) have played the biggest part in the disintegration of society. (more…)

There’s a very interesting post over at the All About Romance blog, entitled Drawing The Line.

The columnist, Jane, writes:

I’ve been thinking about Voltaire lately. Specifically, one of his most famous quotations: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Last Monday, my campus newspaper printed a column by a male writer. In this piece, he called feminists and gay activists “a sniveling bunch of emotional cripples,” declared that date rape is an “incoherent concept,” and essentially that drunken flirtation is consent.

Jane then goes on to describe the resulting outrage that those comments caused in InternetLand over the next few days.

For me, the fact that a male writer dared to write those things in a public forum wasn’t the thing that captured my attention the most (after all, he’s a columnist trying to get people to read his musings) no, what perked up my interest was firstly, Jane’s take on the issue: (more…)

You know, I totally love it when people give me blog fodder. It really makes my day.

Kirk Biglione took exception to my previous post, and didn’t mind saying so:

Wow. Seriously?! Bernie Madoff stole money. Lots of money. Billions. Are you seriously comparing what Madoff did to the failure of a digital publishing startup? If so, you really have no sense of decency.

As someone who was involved in the Quartet “debacle” I can say without hesitation that:

1. No laws were broken.
2. None of the participants behaved unethically.
3. No money is owed (all debts were honored).

Frankly, your attempt to connect the Quartet Press participants to a Ponsi scheme seems actionable. I hope you have a good attorney.

Be still my beating heart. It’s not yet March and I’ve already been threatened with legal action, YAY!! (more…)

The following comment was left on a blog post (by somebody calling himself Barack Hussein Obama Sadaam) that I wrote a while ago, questioning whether or not racism in America had increased since Obama became president:

“I think that racism is increasing.

Minorities act like they want us to be racist to them.

Obama supports the NBA, which has some of the worst (dangerous) black people in the world.

Black leaders, such as NBA superstars, need to lead by example if blacks want racism to go away. I do not think blacks want racism to go away though.

Solution: Have all newborn black babies be adopted by intelligent white people. This will get rid of their terrible language of ebonics along with helping them succeed in life.”

This was my response: (more…)

Stan Collymore

Stan Collymore is an assholic jealous wanker, and he’s not fit to lick David Beckham’s boots.

Stan you went to a big club and you couldn’t hack it, you went to Leicester and you couldn’t hack it. You were shit at Aston Villa, crap at Bradford City, and woeful at Real Oviedo, yes please, keep living off your performances at Southend and Nottingham Forest ten million years ago. Fuckwit.


Rant over.


I had to repost this comment from some troll on Emily’s blog in response to her XOXO Publishing post:

You people all sound like a bunch of losers with time on your but to backlash at innocent people!

The website looks good to me, I have not seen any of the above accusiations you’ve all stated. The book trailer is very professional and I like the music its catchy.

I have submitted my work and so far I have received a very positive feedback.

As I could tell the website has not been officially launched, meaning its under construction.

I think all of you are fakes and its only one person responding to the false information. You’re all a bunch of morons, jealous group of people.

Who is this Emily Vien something. What makes her an expert to judge a new business?

And in a further comment:

The spelling mistake was done purposefully! I know of Emily Vienglory I’m a former reader. I will no longer be one of them. Backstabbing people is not my
style. Seems that is it hers and a Karen Scott.

Talk about going with the E-pubTroll Blueprint. The comment itself could be the subject of a drinking game: One sip every time the word jealousy is mentioned, *hiccup*, 2 sips for every spelling mistake, *hiccup* hahahaha!!

What a twat.


Look what AL found when she was looking through this year’s RWA schedule:

Online Promotion: B(u)y The Book (CAREER)
Speakers: Lori Foster, Jenna Petersen, Michelle Buonfiglio, and Danielle Jackson
Romance industry insiders and an Internet media expert teach you the simple, down home truth about successfully marketing and presenting yourself – and by extension, your work — to online media and communities.

I’m assuming Buonfiglio is the Internet media expert?

Internet media expert? Really?

She’s like that embarrassing relative that you wish would stay locked up in the house.

Hopefully she’ll change up from her last presentation.

I wont hold my breath though.


For those who were curious about Cindy Cruciger’s post that she deleted, here it is in full with some of the accompanying comments. I’ve edited out some of the more laborious comments, because… well, because they were boring and not really relevant.

Savage Incivility” – tried it once didn’t like it May 2

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Must be soap box day in 3 … 2 … 1. (more…)


Hey Guys, guess what, The Vindictive Rhinoceros has reared her very ugly head again.

Like I twittered last night, just as I start to forget that the bitch exists, up she pops wanting some attention from her favourite people in the whole world. Talk about extreme separation anxiety huh?

Anyway, from what I can tell, she was trying to make a political statement, but somehow ended up talking about yours truly, The SBs, and Dear Jane. She truly does love us so.

VR started off talking about wearing pyjamas on a website, (which I really didn’t get, but we know how fragile her mental state is), then she mentioned feathers on said website, then she made a statement about trying to eradicate conservatism from us (I have no idea which us she was talking about) , then she talked about a dress on Google Earth, then she talked about her work in class, (I didn’t actually think she was a teacher at the university, but I could be mistaken) then she mentioned that good old biblical figure, Saul whatshisface (wasn’t he the dude who got David into that unfair fight against Goliath?).

Anyway, apparently Saul had some rules, and there were supposedly 13 of them. I did wonder if VR meant The Ten Commandments, but I figured it was best to not interrupt her flow. She then talked about freezing a target, but I didn’t have the foggiest idea what she was talking about. (more…)


Aint that the truth?

Dear Ravenous Romance Peeps

Sometimes, it’s best to let the work do the talking. Know what I mean?

Getting into fisticuffs with your potential customers isn’t the greatest PR move methinks.

Letting some of your authors, Keta Diablo, Jamaica Layne run their mouths off on romance blogs is just not a smart move. Freedom of speech is all well and good, but surely you know that good PR is everything when starting a new business? You gotta be smarter than you’ve shown to be in the last few months. Seriously.

I’m just a reader, who along with a few others may have given you guys a chance in the beginning, had you taken the charm offensive route from the beginning. Unfortunately though, Ravenous Romance has now become synonymous with ‘Those Effing Crazies’. Unfair I know. Life’s a bitch that way.

One of your more vocal representatives once claimed that Ravenous Romance would “blow the competition out of the water” Do you think you’ve managed to do that?


You definitely made a splash, I’ll grant you that, but I’m not sure that all the negative attention you’ve garnered was part of your overall PR plan for Ravenous Romance, was it??? Also, I have to say, since becoming familiar with RR, the higher-ups at Elloras Cave seem positively normal to me now, which is quite scary. Believe me.

Anyway, I thought I’d offer up some advice, take it or leave it, but at least consider what type of image you wish to promote to your potential readers. The world outside Romanceland is massive, but online, it’s a very small world indeed.

Also, you may just want to label your books correctly. Readers get really mad when they get something different to what it says on the tin.

Just saying.