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I’m recanting this story again by pasting my tweets from Twitter. It’s too much like hard work to actually write it all out again. But the following is all about the stressful day I had today.

So, my Lil Sis left to teach in Qatar for two years today. Talk about STRESSFUL.

Went to pick my sis and my mother up at 6.30am, as agreed. Went to my sister’s room, and she was still fucking packing. To leave for two years.

I was patient, I didn’t go crazy and ask her why the fuck she was still packing when we needed to depart, like two minutes ago. Instead, I helped her cram stuff in, questioning the weight of the bags. “It’s OK, I’m not over” she says “Yes you are” I said wisely, but she was convinced that she was ok, so who was I to argue? Anyway, we leave 20 minutes after I arrive to go to the airport.

We get to the airport in quick time, I tend to drive fast and the motorway wasn’t so busy at that time of the morning. I drop them off and go to park the car in the overflow car park. (Bloody busy at the airport). I then get a call from Lil Sis…

She thinks she’s forgotten her passport at home. (more…)

I can’t lie, I was horrified when I saw this article about a job advertisement that called for an “attractive” and “young” female.

The job advertisement was placed by a South African company, offering between 28000 rands and 36000 rands per month. (between £2500 and £3200)

Check it out:

“Multinational businessman seeks to employ an attractive young lady between the age of 18 and 35 to join our ever-growing company,” the advert read. “You must be friendly, dynamic and exciting to work with.

“There is an excellent compensation package, provided you have a flirtatious nature, and a wardrobe that will send my imagination tingling.”

“Please note that you will be required to be open-minded and mix business with loads of pleasure,” the advert continued. “Experience is not vital. What matters is your looks and your ability to hold a conversation.

“All that needs to be learnt will be taught to you.”

Wow, is that how they do things in the South African recruitment adverts market? Not sure that this bloke really wants a secretary…

Via Digital Spy

Hmmm, this girl is only fourteen? *Shudder*

She’s responding to the sequel to my Step-Sibling Falling In Love post.

What is wrong with you shallow, condescending in-greats?!??!?!?! LOVE IS LOVE. no matter who you fall in love with, it’s still just as beautiful an experience as the next person, so why do you stick up your nose at someone just because they have the same DNA? that’s ridiculous! Granted, my brother is disgusting and i would never marry him in a thousands zillion trillion years because he is a snot nosed brat, but if you truly have experienced love in it’s true for, you would know that no matter if they were related to you or not…

truthfully we are all technically blood related because we all evolved from the same cavemen or were birthed from Adam and Eve or whatever you believe. the fact that you are able to experience love with that person is a sure sign you are blessed. So stop turning your nose up at people like that because you’re just jealous they have true love and you don’t! it’s not your place to decide weather or not they are allowed to love each other freely. that’s like saying gay people aren’t allowed to marry. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE LOVED. anyone who believes otherwise can go fuck a horse.

Katie Price
Katie Price

Have any of you ever attended a wedding full of lapdancers and strippers?

Well, TTG and I did last night.

The bride was a lapdancer, and she invited a whole host of her lapdancing friends and colleagues.

It was certainly an eye-opener.

It was so clichéd.

We were invited by the groom, who was TTG’s friend, and neither of us had met the bride before, so this entitled us to be as mean and two-faced as we liked. So we indulged.

I’ve actually never seen so many botoxed cheeks, enhanced lips, fake double D boobs, and orange peel-looking skin in one place. The bride, bless her cottons looked like her lips were hurting, and her black Katie Price styled hair extensions kept getting caught in the train of her dress.

TTG and I spent most of the day with our jaws on the floor, and we were mean and totally judgemental, and after attempting to converse with a few of the lapdancers, that didn’t change.

Anyway, we had a good time, even though I was the designated driver as per usual.

At the end of the night, we came home and cackled like the bad people we are, hehe…

‘It’s like having a child that never grows up – how perfect is that?’ … Mary Lynn Campbell and Silly Willy, in My Monkey Baby. Photograph: Channel 4

I don’t agree with the act of dressing dogs in cutesy doggy clothes, as if they were a fashion accessory. In fact I hate it, and I truly believe it’s an act of cruelty towards the dogs, so you can imagine my horror when I watched this programme on the telly the other night.

It’s a new form of family life, and thousands of Americans are raising a monkey as a member of their family.

These cheeky monkeys have everything a real child could want, expensive clothes and toys. Their own rooms complete with TVs. Sweets, treats, and most of all, quality time with ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ In fact, all the love and attention a parent can give.


I’m thinking, absolutely not, but apparently, it’s all the rage in India.

I think that a woman going for fertility treatment, and getting pregnant when she’s well into her sixties is beyond cruel, and should not be allowed.

A child should come into the world at least expecting his/her parents to live through his/her childhood, not be waiting for them to die, because they happen to be old.

What say you?