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Rumour has it, that the most vicious and spiteful blogger in Blogland, Vindictive Rhinoceros, is currently frothing at the mouth, over Giselle The Gossip Queen’s not-so-innocent post, yesterday.

Apparently VR used words like, (ooh let me just re-check the e-mail) oh yeah, words like, death threats, anonymous blogging, I-know-who-you-are-and-where-you-live, apology, and revenge. Oooohhh.

She’s such a drama queen isn’t she?

I guess Giselle must have hit a nerve right? I thought she was pretty subtle myself. It’s not like she sent Vindictive Rhinoceros’ authorly friend, an e-mail, basically saying, I know who you are bitch. Oh no, that’s much more Vindictive Rhinoceros’ style methinks. Here at Karen Scott Central, we have waaay more class than that. (Mind you, that’s not too hard, snakes are generally classless creatures.)

At this point, Giselle wants to say to Vindictive Rhinoceros, Bring. It. On. Bitch. Please.

There ya see, such a polite girl.

I got this from Monica’s blog. Effing hilarious. Seriously, you need to click and listen to this woman talk.

I couldn’t be arsed checking out Wikipedia for the answer to this question, but do women have more than one official G spot? *g*

Count me in as one of the gals who likes clitoral stimulation too!

I like this broad, (even though I don’t actually know what she’s talking about half the time) but what’s wrong with being screwed into submission anyway? *g*

Effing hilarious.