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OK, so I read this on Alison Kent’s blog earlier:

The post was written by Maria Duncan, aka, Shewholovesromance, aka, Mary Durnan, aka.. ahh shit, I forget now! She was looking at the world through rose-coloured galsses talking about how she hates reviews where people are really mean, without explaining why they hate the book.

Time and time again, I hear this refrain, but I have to say, my memory must be shockingly bad because I don’t recall ever reading reviews where the reviewer sliced it to bits, without giving a full explanation as to why. (Really darlings, Amazon just doesn’t count.)

I’m assuming that these kind of bloggers exist, and God knows I don’t have time to find them, so I’m tasking you guys to go out and find me some truly mean reviews, (by reviews, I mean reviews, not just passing comments) that don’t go into any detail about what it was about said book that the reader hated.

Amazon reviews don’t count cuz some of those guys are just crazy, plus Amazon reviews are… well you know… Amazon reviews. I want examples from Romance Blogland.

This should be a good opportunity for the authors out there to give me great examples of these kind of reviews. Name and shame those buggers!

Is your mission clear? Good, now hop to it.

For those who are too polite to be mean in public, you can send me an e-mail. My address is hairylemony @ gmail . com (without the spaces)

Incidentally, this isn’t about me being mean, I genuinely want to know where these dastardly bloggers are. (And no, I certainly don’t count myself as one of them. I hate books for specific reasons, and I’m not shy about airing those reasons.)

I’ll be waiting expectantly.

Please note: The Racism In Publishing Posts will continue tomorrow.