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Alexandra Wins The X Factor 2008, Yay!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Posted in: X Factor 2008

She totally deserved to win it. It’s an amazing story, three years ago, she auditioned, and didn’t even get into the final twelve. Now she’s won the whole thing. Simply amazing.

I can’t imagine how awesome it felt for her to actually perform with a massive a superstar like Beyonce. Watching them together gave me goosebumps.

Good luck Alexandra, and let’s hope Simon Cowell gets you some decent song-writers, so that you can go global!

I will be buying the winner’s single when it comes out on Monday, because I love the song!

And can I just say, I loved Beyonce anyway, but I just loved how gracious and giving she was here. Unlike a certain over-rated, hair-shaving, pop drama diva, who couldn’t even be bothered to meet the contestants, or mime properly when she appeared on the show last week. Blech.

Anyway, here’s a few of my favourite Alexandra performances from the past few weeks.

Singing Christina Aguilera’s Candyman

Singing Tony Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart

Performing Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music

Her original audition to get into Bootcamp.

I finally have something to be excited about after lasy year’s dross-ridden X-Factor.

Laura White, Alexandra Burke, and Diana Vickers have got to be in that final. They are amazing. Simon Cowell thinks so too, and well, I tend to listen to what he has to say because he speaks as he finds. Let’s hope they all make it as big as Leona Lewis has.

Alexandra doing ‘Listen’ – I can’t believe Louis sent her home in 2005. What an idiot.

Alexandra on Big Band Night – Awesome performance that showed her versatility.

Laura White doing Alicia. Man I love her voice.

Diana Vickers’ version of Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’. I totally loved this interpretation.