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Methinks that Ann Vremont is looking for some free linkage, and because I’m in a pretty good mood today, I think I’ll let her have it. Free linkage that is.

Check out her beautiful artwork. That gal sure is talented. She’s good enough to work at Changeling. (Click on pic to take a closer look. Seriously, do it.)

Oooh so pretty…

She’s good isn’t she? Although it has to be said, I could do with having that woman’s arse in real life. Mine is a tad bigger than that, dammit, but with the frequent visits to my local pilates classes, I too will have an arse like that very soon.

I also like that Ann is so familiar with my snark schedule, although I have to say, it’s been a while since I blogged about Harriet Klausner. I’ll have to go back and check though, although she probably knows more about my blog posts than I do.

Now let’s take an even closer look at her art:

Man Sarah, I think this is a sly dig at you…

Nice donkey…

What a great pair of baps…

I love the pictorial representation of me riding the donkey. Truly, I do, but I do think that it may have been more apt for me to be sucking the donkey’s balls rather than riding the donkey. Know what I mean?

Did you read the poem that she wrote too? Beautiful wasn’t it? I just about cried, it touched me so deeply.

Ann, I can’t recall what I did to you to deserve this much attention, but you gotta do better if you want to end up on my exclusive Authors Behaving Badly list. That list isn’t for the Joanne Averages of this world, you gotta be special to end up there.

This isn’t bad authorly behaviour, nah, this is just you looking for a little lovin. I understand that. You’re an author who’s success in her chosen field is shall we say… limited.

May I make a teeny tiny little suggestion though? If you want to truly be successful at this writing lark, you gotta concentrate on the important stuff. Seriously.

Spending hours working on a way to subtly slag off a lil ‘ole reader, isn’t going to win you a RITA, know what I mean?

You’ll obviously never be a Nora Roberts, cuz ya know, there is only one Nora, but if you work hard enough, and keep your nose to the grindstone, you may just end up achieving the same kind of success that the likes of AQ Fredrichs, and Fletchina Archer, were able to engineer for themselves.

Now don’t that just make your panties go all moist with anticipation?

On a more serious note, the reason why I like authors like Monica Jackson, and Mary Janice Davidson, despite their obvious flaws, is that they are happy to call a bitch to her face, if the mood takes them. That’s a good thing, because you know where you stand with them.

You know that they wont smile at you, whilst secretly getting ready to plunge a knife in your back. That counts for a lot, dontcha think?

Sarah, I’m not sure what Ann has against you personally, but it seems that she’s jealous of the fact that I pimp you, and not her. Don’t worry about it though, you have more talent and readers in your little finger, than she has in her whole body.

Well, Ann, you got the attention that you were obviously desperate for, I hope it makes you feel fulfilled. Truly, I do.

And by the way, this girl does, because this girl can.


Thanks to my Eyes and Ears for bringing this to my attention.