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I received an email the other day informing me that AP Miller AKA Patti Rebmann has got a new job. Apparently she’s the acquisitions editor at the soon-to-be-opened (slightly dodgy looking) XoXo Publishing.

You guys remember Patti right? She’s that imbecile who emerged at the height of the Mardi Gras publishing scandal.

Remember this love letter she wrote to me? (more…)

Oh how she wounds me. Apparently Patsy sent the long e-mail below, to all and sundry.

It’s so unfair, why can’t I be insulted by somebody who understands the difference between ‘advice’ and ‘advise’. Also, by somebody who knows that ‘Nobody’ isn’t actually supposed to be two words? *g*

Continued after the cut…

What does she mean no writing credits? Hey, I’ll have you know that I came first in a school writing competition when I was ten, dammit! I even beat Samuel Coombes, and he was a total brain box! I was also the only person who could use the words ‘submerged’ and ‘phoenix’ together in a sentence, and make it work! Sheesh!

Anyway, sorry to interrupt, Patsy continues:

Oooh that Patsy’s good. By the way I’ll have you know that I’m educated. My diploma that I bought from a guy on the internet says so, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it beeyotch!

Teresa Jacobs said that to lil’ ‘ole me? Ya see, now here’s somebody who recognises true greatness when she sees it. I heart that Teresa Jacobs person, I really do, so what if she’s defrauded loads of authors? She loves me, that means so much, it really does…

Oh Patsy, why oh why didn’t you read my blog about the importance of authors using spelling and grammar checker?

Oh yeah, and you insulted LaNora, that’s so fucked up dude. That has to be a crime surely?

And to think, I was going to blog about TTG and I discovering the Nintendo Wii! Heheh!! If this e-mail was truly from you Patsy, thanks for the laughs, you truly are deliciously bananas!

Also, if it makes you feel better, I do believe you’re good enough to write for Mrs Giggles’ Trixy Lion Publishing house! You go girl!

Here are ten million people you can ask. According to Patsy anyway.

“I really wish I knew where you were getting your information from Karen. I have never been fired for any editing position I had nor have I been rejected for my work, Let’s see…How about you query Tamara McHatton, Rochelle Webber, Dawn Seewer, Karen Simpson…I can go on hunny…you can contact Tina Haversham at Extasy, Kathryn Struck, Dick Claussen, Rene Walden…Need I saw more?

No matter what you do you cannot touch my credibility…My agent is Belinda WIlliams at Literary Lifestyles and my Director is Michael Maxx Kelly…Go ahead open your big mouth some more, and contact all these people…Caridad Scordato, Irene Petersen…they know who I am…Oh let’s not for get Deb Mullins, Cris Janssen, Jan Jansen, Eloisa James…shall I go on or is this enough for you? Now I strongly advise you to shut your mouth before you wind up with a leagl suit on your hands for slander.”

Well, it was all going so swimmingly, until she threatened to sue me. Big sigh.

You can follow the entire conversation via the comments link.

Happy Birthday To KKB…

Friday, April 13, 2012
Posted in: Happy Birthday KKB

The blog is seven years old today.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been blogging for way longer than that, other times it seems like it was only yesterday that a mouthy wench started a blog called “It’s My Blog and I’ll Say What I Want To”.

Gosh I remember those days, I’m pretty sure there was nobody in Romland that I didn’t piss off. Remember Cindy Cruciger’s war against the Mean Girls of RomLand? How about when that batshit crazy Kathryn Falk, CEO of Romantic Times accused me of potentially causing authors to commit suicide due to my less than sugary reviews? And the small e-publisher flame-outs that used to happen on a weekly basis? Remember the batshit crazy owners like that Madris DePasture from New Concepts Publishing? How about the grammatically-challenged Patti Rebmann? That Jaid Black interview over at JaynieR’s blog, where we found out that Jaid/Tina Engler had married a murderer whilst he was serving life in prison? Oh, oh, oh, how about that book that was controversially titled, Beautiful Cocksucker? That was just a mess.

Ahhhh, those were the days, eh?

Of course these days I’m a gentler, calmer blogger. (more…)


I know you guys are just about done in with all the NCP shenanigans, but never fear my loyal readers, I bring you a new example of fucknuttery within E-Publand.

I received this e-mail a few hours ago:

Mesage posted to Dark Eden Authors group by Debra Durham today. Ms. Durham had previously emailed “Patti” AP Miller and threatened her with a law suit in regards to remarks “Patti” AP Miller had made to others on the Extasy group and in private emails to certain authors that Debra Durham’s illness was not real. These emails found their way to Debra Durham. Cat fight ensues.

You guys remember Patti Rebmann, AKA AP Miller right? What do you mean no! She was one of the crazies who emerged at the height of the Mardi Gras Publishing fiasco. Yeah, the batshit crazy one.

Waddaya mean which one?


Anyway, here’s what Debra posted on her loop: Erm, you guys remember Debra right?

Anyway, this is a long old e-mail, so grab yourself some tea and popcorn, because you’re definitely going to need some refreshments. It may be necesssary for me to interpret now and then because as we know from old, Patti Rebmann’s strength doesn’t lie in her communication skills. (more…)

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    Over at Dear Author, Jane has an hysterical idiot’s guide on to how to file a lawsuit the correct way, and the difference between slander and libel.

    As one of those Mean Girl Bloggers, I have been threatened with lawsuits, and accused of slander a time or two, for one reason or another, so for those people who still secretly read this blog, even though they’d swear blind they don’t (y’all know who you are), I’d get over there and read what Jane has to say. You never know, you may learn something new. *g*

    I love it when she gets all lawerly, don’t you? Heheh.

    Oh by the way Jackie Kessler, your books arrived today! Yippee! I love receiving free books, (yes, even those kinds) it just doesn’t happen enough, so thanks!