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Is it just me, or is Wesley Snipes’ conviction–and three years sentence–the result of a petty swipe by IRS?

See, they couldn’t get him for the big bucks–and I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to pay some, ’cause c’mon, there’s no way he didn’t know he was supposed to pay taxes. Unless he lived in a cave somewhere in the desert for a decade or so. Which, since he made a *cough* decently sized *cough* fortune with his films, we can rule out, no?

So, he knew he had to file and pay taxes, and he didn’t. Still, he’s got good lawyers, and got off on the felonies. The IRS response: three years in jail for the minor stuff.

And me, I just wonder how it makes sense to spend tax money keeping him in low security, high comfort jail for three years for *drum roll* not paying tax money to the government.

Of course, Mr Snipes is appealing the sentence, which means his lawyers get richer while the justice system spends more tax money.

If anyone can make sense of this, please edumacate me.