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digging the irony of Ann Somerville using a post at Karen Scott’s blog to justify an absolute, un-nuanced defense of Jane Litte of Dear Author?

Ann Somerville quoting Karen Scott

For context: Jane Litte revealed on March 24th that she is also Jen Frederick, a NA author. You can follow some of the resulting asploding heads over here, and then here, and finally here.

At one point, AS posted a comment that could have gotten Jane Litte and company in trouble. Reading between the lines, they offered to edit the offending bits, but she preferred to have the whole thing deleted. Then AS decided to re-post it, with additional commentary, in her own blog. The commentary required linkage for the purposes of proof, hence the irony.

For those of you who don’t want to go there–or in case the blog disappears again–here’re the screenshots, with my own commentary. And, because I’m ornery like that, I’m not giving you the same links AS uses–I believe her narrative is just a wee bit biased, so I’m choosing different links to provide an alternative take on the background information.


Words to sign contracts by

As many of you know, I have been following the Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author thing closely–and quite likely will until it is resolved one way or another.

On the one hand, it is absolutely popcorn worthy entertainment. In a much smaller scale, it brings to mind Charles Carreon v The Oatmeal (beware, this is an utter time suck–don’t go too far down the rabbit hole unless you have a day or two to spare).

On the other hand, the resolution of this case will help set a precedent for book bloggers, reviewers, authors, editors, etc. We should not allow ourselves to be intimidated by threats of vexatious lawsuits by the bullies of the world.

I do pray rather fervently that the court forces EC to show its books and explain why they are sending checks through the mail in a way that violates USPS rules (undated metered mail–see this post)


On that note, isn’t romance a beautiful thing? The fundraising was made public in the morning on Friday October 3rd. Not even 12 hours later, the community had raised over $38,000.00. People, learn from TC/JB delusions and do not piss your target market off. They’ll band together and bitch-slap you. Hard.


But, back to the point of this post.


Willaful Review: Unnatural Selection by Ann Somerville

Sensuality rating: Steamy


Police Constable Nick Guthrie is a vampire — or as he prefers, a “vee” — in a world in which that doesn’t mean a whole lot. No superhuman strength or supernatural powers– just embarrassing fangs that most vees have capped, the need for a liquid diet, and immunity from disease.  For him, it’s just one more reason to throw himself into work and give up on having a social life. Even the delightful and persistent biologist Dr. Anton Marber finds it hard to tempt him into anything more than one nighters.

But of course the outside world reacts unpredictably to real life vampires in their midst, even though their condition is a medical one, induced in hospitals to save people who would otherwise die. Some bizarrely worship them, some fear them. And when the vampires happen to be gay, as Nick is, that fear and hatred can be exponential. (more…)

What Do The Following People All Have In Common?

Mrs Giggles
Karen Scott
Samhain Publishing
Jane Litte
Smart Bitches
Teddy Pig
Angela James

Do you know, or should I tell you?

OK, I will tell you.

Apparently, all these people have viciously attacked Ann Somerville for no reason whatsoever. So the tale goes.

All these people have treated her unfairly, at every turn. They have disagreed with her, and ranted and raved at her, and basically lost their damned minds. One of these people even had the audacity to ban her from her blog. Yes, you read right, she was BANNED from a blog. Aren’t some people, just plain evil?

You see, Ann is the ultimate seeker of truth and justice, and all those other people are evil Nazis who are determined to destroy her, and those she holds dear to her.

Ann is the ultimate ballsy broad. She tells people like it is, and her opinions are not easily swayed. She is honest to a fault, and thus has been taken advantage of, many a time, by the cretins listed above.

Even her editor has broken bread with the devil, and sided with the Lucifers above.

They have mocked and pilloried her at every turn, and she has bravely endured their verbal battering rams, without complaint. She has always known that she was in the right, and that is all that has ever mattered.

What is the world coming to, when people are so intolerant of a woman who seeks to do nothing but good, and just wants everybody to walk a day in her shoes?

Don’t they realise that she is an example of humanity at its most perfect? Don’t they realise that she speaks for all those victims, who do not have the courage to say how they feel? Don’t they realise that she has bravely stood for all that is good and pure, at no inconsiderable cost to herself, and her well being?

Why do they not see what is so clear to her? Why do they not appreciate her wisdom, and her willingness to stand tall in the face of ever-increasing adversity?

Why does she stand so alone, when she is everything that is good about our world?

My answer?

Sometimes, we have to shut the fuck up, and listen, without prejudice or paranoia.

Sometimes we have to take a chill-pill, because not everything is about us.

Sometimes we have to let other people voice their opinions, even though we think that they are all crazy bastards who don’t know their arse from their elbow.

Sometimes we have to accept, that not everybody will agree with the things that we passionately believe in.

Sometimes we have to accept compliments, and not assume that people who say they admire us, or like us, have ulterior motives.

Sometimes we have to acknowledge, that we do not speak for all.

Sometimes we have to take responsibility for ourselves, and let others take responsibility for themselves.

Sometimes, we have to be willing to take a deep breath, and just stop.

If we can’t manage the above, sometimes, then no matter the arena, life truly becomes a difficult circuit to navigate.

Edited to add:

By the way, none of the accusations are true, (except for the part about her being banned) but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good old woe-is-me rant for Oprah’s sake.