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And no, I’m not talking about me and Cindy Cruciger.

I’ve been watching re-runs of one of my favourite eighties series, Beauty and The Beast. You guys remember right? The lovely Vincent and the equally Lovely Catherine? I’m pretty sure I’ve done a similar post before, but it really does bare repeating. That series, show-cased the most fantastic example of chemistry between two people on screen.

Each episode I recall wondering, would this be the week when they kissed at last? The producers teased us endlessly, and whenever we thought Vincent and Catherine were going to do the deed, they’d end up embracing instead. But to be fair, even though they didn’t kiss, those scenes were ridiculously moving.

Anyway, Youtube has a whole host of vids, and I thought I’d post some of them on here, because reminiscing is so much fun. Enjoy.

Ahhh…memories. Tell me you guys remember this too, or am I just showing my age?