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On J.R. Ward's Use of The Hip-Hop Culture, Sans The Blacks...

A reader posted this comment on on an old AztecLady thread about JR Ward’s BDB books, and I found it very interesting.

Reader ‘Maggy’ writes:

I’m falling away from this series due to the OBVIOUS case of severe internalized misogny J.R. Ward has. Her females are bland Barbie dolls who are almost always damsels in distress. It’s like they’re token characters and nothing more. An excuse to show the male protaganist naked.

As for the whole Black subculture thing, oh I agree whole heartedly. A goodreads.com group I’m part of has debated this issue before, the lack of anyone who isn’t white… or Catholic in this series is ASTOUNDING. And everytime you think you may be looking at a Hispanic character… NOPE… turns out to be Italian.

Oddly when she seemed to have a bolt from the blue about this she made up a subspecies called Shadows who are cannibalistsic vampires from Africa and the Middle East. There goes her nattering on about how there are no races in the vampire world. Though… why did she need to make the Black and Arabic people in her series… CANNIBALS?

Oh note: Her TWO Black characters don’t really talk all that much like the Brotherhood. I’m sure that says something, but at 2am, I’m not sure what that is.

I don’t think the whole appropriation of the black sub-culture thing used to bother me so much, but I find that the older I get, the more I’m annoyed by it. It’s not to say that J.R Ward is anywhere near being racist, however, I’m ready for some of her BDB characters who aren’t cannibals to be black. Enough’s enough already.

And yes, her whole ‘there are no races in the BDB world’ argument is a total cop-out. If it looks like a chicken, and squawks like a chicken, it’s probably a chicken. Just sayin’.

…Is more fucking expensive than the paperback version on Amazon UK, how messed up is that???

The kindle version is £6.99, and the paperback version is £5.99. I find this highly annoying, especially as I’m dying to read the book. I’m gonna wait until it reduces in price out of principle.

See, I caved and bought the recently released J. R. Ward‘s Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider’s Guide. After going through the 467 pages, I spent some time doing the “head desk” dance.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for a US$15 sticker price, I really expected something more… different… new.

Live and learn, of course—fully 200 pages are either excerpts from the six books already out, or available through the online forums.

Out of the other 270 pages, only the first 80 are truly new reader content—a novella length add-on to Zsadist’s story. (And may I rant a bit about the lack of internal consistency in it? First we are told vampire pregnancy lasts eighteen months, then that Bella is on her ninth month, then that she has seven more months to go. Hello, math? We are told it’s been two months since the birth, then another character says it’s been three—in the same night. Huh? Yes, these things annoy me. Unreasonably so. And your point would be?)

Okay, there are also 25 pages of deleted scenes from several of the published books, ten pages of writerly advice, and (for some reason that escapes me) a copy of the original proposal for Dark Lover, first title in the series. (more…)