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(stolen shamelessly from Shannon Stacy’s blog)

Anyone surprised that Angela James would write this? If you are, you gotta get out more around romance blogland, you really do.

See, every so often the online romance community is hit by all these shit storms—from Karen’s friends, the vindictive rhino and her bestest buddy, to the current slippery slope flouncing on and off at Dear Author.

And then we have the authors who behave professionally no matter what. Most recent examples for me are HelenKay Dimon’s email after I posted my review of Hot as Hell earlier this week:

Thank you for reading HOT AS HELL. I know you have limited time to get to all of the books you want to read, so I truly appreciate the fact you moved mine to the top of the pile. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Maybe we’ll connect better on another book. I hope so. 🙂

Have a good week.

And one of the funniest I’ve gotten since I started reviewing regularly, from Jill Shalvis, about my review for Get a Clue yesterday:

Okay, thanks for the link but I don’t think I’ll go look

… …

Okay I looked. It’s not as bad as I feared, bless you. 😀 You were very kind. Best, Jill

Seriously, neither of them needed to reply once I sent them the link, let alone the way they did. Yet here they are, both kind and professional.

Kudos, ladies! It’s people like you who provide the much needed counterpoint. Thank you!

(and special thanks for Mad/Fatin for the lil devil)