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Kiss & Hell, by Dakota Cassidykiss-hell

A paranormal romantic comedy with heart is probably the easiest way to describe Ms Cassidy’s Kiss & Hell. The problem is that such a label doesn’t come even close to doing it justice. There are some deeper threads mixed in with the laughter, but there isn’t any overt preaching because none of the characters take themselves terribly seriously.

There is some graphic language and a couple of rather explicit sex scenes in the novel, but the real warning is for people who can’t take their religion with a sense of humor-the language in the narrative is highly irreverent, but definitely not with the intent to offend.

Here is the back cover blurb:

After two weeks, I’m finally putting down my impressions from the insanity that is a book signing involving more than a couple hundred authors, and ten times as many fans1. As I mentioned before, the energy in that ballroom (conference room? whatever it was) was extraordinary.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me backtrack a little.

ann-aguirre-rt-09-3Ann Aguirre picked me up early on Saturday, so that we would have some time for breakfast before she had to start setting up for the signing. We had met face to face, for the first time after over a year of emailing and chatting, only that Tuesday. Let me tell you that Ann is a very funny person, as well as very down to earth. Hell, she made us dinner and everything!

(Yes, epic failure of my hostess skills-don’t tell my mother, please)

Anyway, Ann had to be inside the… well, the ginormous room for quite a while before, first, the convention attendees, and then the general public could enter, so I waited in line for a while. What does one do when standing around without a book (really, it would have been a bit like bringing a lump of coal to a mine, you know), but people watch? And so I did. (more…)