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AztecLady Sorta Kinda Does WALL-E (not quite a movie review)

So I’ve heard things both wondrous and rather negative about this one. Seems that it’s either the best thing since sliced bread and worthy of the Oscar for best movie… or boring Disney-fied preachy pabulum for tree huggers who can’t think for themselves.

Me? I liked it.

I’m not going to throw myself at Pixar’s feet and cry my eternal passion for their work, nor am I going to call WALL-E a masterpiece, but it’s a cool movie—for what it actually is: a love story.

(While most of what I’m going to mention has been either shown or hinted at in the movie trailers, those severely allergic to spoilers may want to stop reading here.)

I think of the movie as a three parter.

I positively love the beginning of the movie. I saw a review somewhere last week, before watching the movie, wherein WALL-E was described as something like “Chaplin in space”—and I couldn’t help but agree. He’s alone and lonely. He’s curious and self-aware. He’s industrious and resourceful. He is the last active robot on earth. He has created a routine for himself which results in his building these really cool looking structures (between, around and on top of empty skyscrapers in what looks like New York City) out of compacted trash. Simultaneously, he forages for interesting bits and bobs, which he collects in a cooler and takes ‘home’ to examine and sort out. He has a pet cockroach, which he protects and feeds and cares for.

(By the way, it seems we have solved the issue of Twinkies’ expiration date: never.) (more…)