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Fifty Shades of Grey Inspires Sex Lessons In New York...

And apparently it’s already sold out. Seriously? When will this end? Wahhhhhh! I can’t help it, I’m beyond bitter that some of the most badly written love scenes I’ve ever read has prompted this kind of ridiculous overreaction and hugely undeserved hype.

Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail article:

“Fifty Shades Of Grey has no doubt inspired plenty of bedroom activity but a new workshop based on the book is encouraging the act of role play in particular.

The erotic novel, written by British author EL James, is the subject of a sexual education workshop taking place tonight in Manhattan, New York.

Organised by Babeland, a sex toy boutique located in the Lower East Side, the Fifty Shades Of Hot Sex workshop will ‘discuss ways to make your fantasies into reality.’

Although the class is free to attend, spaces have already been exhausted.
The store’s website has offered a description of what people can expect from tonight’s ‘cocktail party’ workshop.

‘Fallen under the spell of Fifty Shades Of Grey?’ it reads. ‘If you’re curious about how to try out some of the scenes from the book, we’ll discuss ways to make your fantasies into reality.’

The class is obviously targeted towards females but ‘people of all genders and sexualities,’ have been invited to attend given they are above the age of 18.”

I know that I should be happy that people are reading and that they’re at least reading a romance-ish book, but dammit I’m annoyed. Especially when I read shit like this about EL James. and her apparent disdain for the community that helped propel this book to such great heights. Sigh.

I wish I could find the Wendy Williams Youtube vid, where she semi reviews the book. After reading it, she doesn’t get the hype either.

Thanks to @NarinderKaur over on Twitter for the heads-up.

KarenS Review: Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James...

There are lots of swear words in this review, and I believe the ‘C’ word pops up too. You have been fucking warned.

These days I tend to go out of my way to avoid books that I know I’m going to hate before I read them.

Of course I totally blame Katiebabs for urging me to read Fifty. But I thought I’d give it a game go anyway. It’s not like I had much to lose.

I was wrong of course. I lost precious time in my life that I can never get back. Sigh.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not fond of BDSM. Actually I hate it. There have been some exceptions to that rule, Maya Banks’ Sweet Persuasion being one. (Good book!)

I tried to read Fifty with an open mind, I did, I did, but unfortunately, E.L James did not help matters.

This review will be full of spoilers I’m afraid, so if you plan on reading this book any time soon, this review is not for you, so scat!

Bella Swan Anastasia Steele is a student who agrees to do her best friend Katie Kavanagh a favour, and interview billionaire Edward Cullen Christian Grey for some reason or other (seriously, am I supposed to remember such details?)

Bella Anastasia (Ana for short) is a bit of a clumsy oaf, she’s nervous and unsure of herself, and basically trips up in front of the debonair Edward Christian. She then proceeds to blush, flush and internally scream holy shit/crap for the rest of the interview.

Edward Christian is the first guy that’s ever affected Bella Ana this way, oh my she’s totally besides herself, and can barely string a sentence together, even though we’re led to believe that she’s an apparently articulate, intelligent girl.

Cutting to the chase (I really want to finish reliving this book now), Edward Christian thinks that Bella Ana is the cat’s meow (or the vicar’s knickers, take your pick) and so proceeds to stalk her by turning up in the most random of places. Always with a legitimate excuse of course.

Bella Ana and Edward Christian eventually give in to their lust and they share a passionate kiss in an elevator. (Yeah, that old elevator kiss scene never gets old does it?) Edward Christian tells Bella Ana that he’s no good for her, and they try to stay away from each other, but OMFG, THE LUST IS TOO MUCH TO BEAR, so they find each other again. Via Edward Christian randomly stalking Bella Ana of course.

Because Edward Christian trusts Bella Ana and shit, he totally shows her his Play Room, or as Bella Ana so aptly named it, the Red Room of Pain. Due to the torture devices and whatnot that littered the room. The way that Bella Ana described it, it seemed to be a posh version of a cell in Guantanamo Bay. Minus the middle eastern prisoners of war of course. (more…)

This is all Katiebab’s fault. This is one book I could have happily ignored for the rest of my life. Sigh.

I’m trying to read Fifty Shades of Grey with an open mind, but damn, it’s hard, because A, I hate BDSM, B, I hate assholic controlling alpha males, and C, I hate stupid heroines.

Oh and just to piss me off even more, I see that the Kindle version of Fifty is more expensive than the paperback version. Grrrrr…

Anybody else going to be reading this with me? Go on, do it, do, it, do it!

Wish me luck…

(By the way, is it wrong that this is one book I don’t mind illegally passing to others? Just sayin’…)