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Willaful Review: The Space Between Us by Megan Hart

Published by Mira. Sensuality rating: Blistering, physically and emotionally

In a genre that seems to be becoming heavily focused on specific kinks, Hart’s erotica is notable for covering a wide range of human sexuality and emotion. Our narrator here is coffee shop employee Tesla, someone whose co-workers and customers think of as sexually adventurous, “wild,” a characterization which makes her somewhat uncomfortable. Although her background is unconventional and her sexual preferences varied, she just feels ordinary, like herself. “I’m not a straight girl. I’m not a queer girl, either. I guess you could say I’m sexually fluid. Love comes in all shapes and flavors, and I just want to be able to taste them all.”

What some people don’t realize is that Tesla’s openness toward sex doesn’t mean she’s either unprincipled or unfeeling. And what Tesla doesn’t realize is the fact that people “really don’t know me at all” could make her very vulnerable to being hurt. (more…)

Willaful Review: The Siren

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz. Published by Mira.

Sensuality rating: Blistering, and then some.


This is less a review than a collection of impressions.  I’m feeling too shell-shocked to come up with plot summaries.

The Siren is a complex, fascinating book. I found myself often bewildered by it at first, because I kept trying to read it as a romance, despite having been warned that it isn’t one. Seriously, it isn’t one. It is a love story — or perhaps several — and like all great love stories, has a strong element of tragedy.

“The Siren” is Nora, a popular erotica writer. Writers of erotic romance often seem to stress the stability of their private lives, as if not wanting their readers to think they’re wild and crazy and think about sex all the time. But Nora is wild and crazy and thinks about sex all the time.  She’s heavily into the BDSM scene, as someone who can take either the dominant or the submissive role equally well.  And she’s polyamorous, capable of loving any number of men (or women) with depth and sincerity.

Here is Nora as seen by the person who knows her best: “Eleanor is always joking. Eleanor is never joking.”  Both of these statements are very true: Nora is brilliant, funny, and accomplished at telling the truth in a way that makes it seem like a lie.  Her life is filled with secrets and heartaches and hidden agendas. (more…)