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I Know I'm A Little Late But....OBAMA WON, WOOOHOOO!!!

Because I tweet so much, I have to admit, I do forget to update the blog for months on end, thank God for Willaful and AztecLady.

Anyhoo, those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I’ve been fairly obsessed with the election this year, in a way that I wasn’t in 2008.
Back then I thought McCain was a shoe-in, even though he seemed older than Methuselah, (before he picked that right-wing nut as running partner), I just didn’t believe that Obama could do it, but anyway, we all know what happened on that particular November night.

Roll on to 2012, and I found myself totally involved with an election that probably wouldn’t directly affect me or mine.

The Romney campaign annoyed the crap outta me. His pick for running mate annoyed the crap outta me, but the most annoying thing about this election cycle was the GOP talking heads. They all seemed to be drinking from the same crazy juice fountain. Senators talking about legitimate rape, all that crap about how babies from rape was a gift from God, seriously, what is up with some Republicans people?

Anyway, the important thing is that despite all the polls telling us that this was going to be a close election, (98% of Brits wanted an Obama win by the way) Obama won. And that people, is a very good thing. For America, and the rest of the world. Apart from Pakistan obviously:)