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Instant Attraction, by Jill Shalvisinstant-attraction1

This full length contemporary novel is the third of Ms Shalvis’ books that I’ve read, and I will say, right off the bat, that it’s the best so far. Instant Attraction, the first of three novels planned around Wilder Adventures and Expeditions (and about the three brothers who own it) is fast paced, funny without trying for laughs, and with vivid and appealing characters.

And, marvel of marvels, this novel is a pure contemporary. There is no murder, no conspiracy, no supernatural nor paranormal element in sight. People, with all their complexities, idiosyncrasies, and weaknesses, are what drives this book.


It is with pleasure that I welcome author Jill Shalvis to KKB.

A while back I dug a couple of Ms Shalvis older titles, Get a Clue and Long-lost Mom from the humongous TBR mountain range, and posted my reviews (here and here). That resulted in an exchange of emails with Ms Shalvis from which the following interview germinated.

Without more ado, here’s Ms Shalvis!

You have been a published author since 1996 and have built quite the respectable backlist during that time–all contemporaries, some with a more comedic slant and others with suspense, but no paranormals nor historicals. Have you ever been tempted to try your hand at either?

Actually, I wrote one paranormal for Brava called Out of This World, and it was great fun. But I have to say, for the moment, I’m enjoying writing the sexy contemporaries most. Instant Attraction really blew my skirt up, so I think I’ll stick with that for awhile.

How would you say your writing has changed in the past dozen years? (I.e., balance of dialogue vs description, showing vs telling, etc.)

I’d like to think my writing has greatly improved. So much that I tend to get hives when someone reviews an older book (as you know 😀 ). I don’t like to go there! I’m definitely in the zone now, stronger characters, faster dialogue and banter . . .


Get a Clue, by Jill Shalvis

As promised, I did a quick dig in the TBR mountain range, and found this more recent novel by Ms Shalvis. Get a Clue was published by Brava in 2005 in trade size (mass market release on January 2008). The spine says it’s a contemporary romance, but I would say that it’s more a hybrid of romantic comedy with some suspense thrown in.

Get a Clue follows the misadventures of city girl Breanne and burned-out vice cop Cooper as they are trapped by a blizzard in a very exclusive (read: as isolated as the Island of Dr Moreau) vacation house/resort, without power, phone lines, cell reception, or means to escape—but complete with butler, cook, maid, not-so-handy handy-man, dead body and ghostly presence. (more…)