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Still suffering from conference brain…

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

which means I won’t post anything coherent about RWA until Wednesday.

In the meantime, though, here’s the newest addition to chez Aztec:


Got kitten!

This utterly comical ball of fluffy fur (and he’s a ball, his stomach feels like a really tight drum skin) was found a week ago by a co-worker.

Next to the median in a very very busy road.

The rescue included some heroics and some drama (I hear rumors of an eight car pile-up, as a matter of fact), but the baby came home unscathed—and an orphan.

He’s just about six weeks old (as of Sunday) and has yet to be named. Considering I already have a Shadow (a shiny black cat weighing more than 18lbs), do you have any suggestions for our new baby?

Please note that although he’s mostly black, he has three white spots (one in his neck, the second high on his chest between his front legs and the last one low on his belly near the tail) rather like clown buttons.

* * *

(once again, please forgive the crappy picture–technology ain’t my friend)