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RIP Monica Jackson, Author, Warrior...Friend

The one thing that I’ve long since taken for granted here in Romance Land is that the people who I ‘meet’ and talk to, argue with, and discuss common interests with, will always be around.

Imagine my shock when I discovered that one of the stalwarts of our little world had passed. My heart goes out to Monica’s family, especially her daughter.

I’m still in shock now. I feel like my heart is breaking because I know that this great friend that I’d never even met, will no longer be part of our little corner of the world. And this world is a little less luminous because of her absence from it.

Monica Jackson was one of the most fearless woman I’ve ever known. She was bold, and brash and wonderfully honest. She spoke her mind, and I loved her for that.

Long after Romance Land had tired of the Racism in Romance discussion, she was always there, ready to bring this conversation that many readers and authors alike found uncomfortable, to the fore. She loved this discomfort, because it was proof to her that at last the issue was in the psyche of those readers, who subconsciously avoided those otherly books.

She was passionate about the Racism in Romance issue, and her tenacity and willingness to fight the long and good fight was inspiring. (more…)