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All of Me, by Patricia Ryan

Before there were Blazes, there were Harlequin Temptations. Then someone had the brilliant idea of introducing “spicier” novels to the line and the Temptation Blazes were born (tag line: “BLAZE—Red-hot reads from Temptation!”)

All of Me, which I believe to be my first story by Ms Ryan, was one of the line’s launching titles, back in the dark ages of 2000. The novel follows the relationship of innocent and beautiful Nora and experienced and debonair David. Here is the back cover blurb:

He wanted a rose in his lapel…

David Waite knew exactly how to please a woman, but he’s had enough of social climbers and users. His solution? “Arm candy”—a beautiful woman to accompany him, no strings attached, either emotional or sexual. Then he saw Nora, and had a sudden, sharp craving for sweets…

She was it

Nora Armstrong was a wholesome, virginal beauty fresh from the Midwest. Her cousin asked a favor—go out with David Waite. She couldn’t say no, any more than she could say no when David asked for a second date, and another. According to “arm candy” rules, she should have been safe, except David wanted to break the rules. Then Nora realized it was a risky business, being flavor of the month… and falling in love.

As the novel starts, (more…)