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Originally Razorland, this YA dystopian postapocalyptic novel by the always awesome Ann Aguirre will be released by Feiwel and Friends on April 12th.

I had the privilege of being one of the book’s first readers and was absolutely blown away by it.Keep in mind, as you read that, that I don’t read YA as a rule. Enclave was, in fact, the first new-to-me, not-adult book I’d read in at least three decades (not counting Harry Potter–I do have kids, after all).

But if you don’t think you can trust my word on the awesomesauce that is this book, check out the trailer:

* * *

Nota bene: Some of you may remember that, for a while, I did some promotional work for Ms Aguirre. I have not done so for close to a year now, so I believe there is no conflict of interest in my recommending this book–or indeed, any of her work–to other readers.

I find it interesting how people have such widely different reactions to the same things.

As I mentioned in my review of Parker’s Price, sometimes I understand where people are coming from, but others… well, other times, I’m just flummoxed.

This is what happened: I posted the just revealed cover for Ann Aguirre’s upcoming YA debut, the awesome Razorland (yes, it’s awesome–it sucks that I won’t be able to review it, since I beta read it, but it is absolutely awesome)… Anyway, I posted the cover to a forum I contribute to and got a “what a terrible cover!” in reply.


Seriously? (more…)