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Americans Don't Understand The Welsh Accent - Experiment...

So is that true?

Do you Americans have a hard time understanding Welsh dialogue?

OK, here’s one of my favourite shows on TV at the moment. It’s called Stella, and it’s set in a fictional village/town called Pontyberry in Wales. Watch the clip and tell me if you:

A: Easily understand the dialogue and get the humour
B: Understand the dialogue but don’t get the humour
C: Don’t understand a fricking word they’re saying

(This scene features Stella, her dopey ex-husband and the woman he cheated on her with)


Not long enough, ok, let’s try this Stella ad for the show premiere:

I take for granted my total understanding of Shows like True Blood, where the southern dialect is thicker than molasses. I just expect everybody to understand all forms of English, especially the TV kind.

So, what’s your answer, A, B, or C?