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Now of course I’m a proponent of free speech, and free expression, but I think I take a dim view of protests that cost me money as a tax-payer.

The UK government has spent something like £8m policing the Tamil Tigers protests that have been taking place in Parliament Square in London, over the past five weeks, and the discovery of this bit of information has annoyed me no end.

Apparently the protestors are angry because of the UK’s lack of action, regarding the rebels, but why the fuck do we always have to be the ones leading the way in trying to solve the problems of other nations?

My main problem with this particular protest is because as far as I’m aware, the Tamil Tigers are actually terrorists, so wouldn’t it be akin to people protesting in favour of Al-Qaeda?

If people are going to protest, then I would suggest that the atrocities going on in Zimbabwe, is probably a worthier reason to protest.

Undoubtedly, there are some worthy causes out there, but surely there has to be some curtailment to the extent of the freedom of expression that we allow to some protestors? Would half the people be out there protesting if they were made to pay a nominal sum for the policing of the demonstrations? I think effing not.

Also, where are the protests in India, one of the largest economies in the world, regarding this matter? They are Sri Lanka’s nearest neighbour, but because of their zero tolerance methods re demonstrations, nobody dare protest over there. It infuriates me no end.

In London, the congestion charging is a pain in the arse, but coupled with diversions here and there due to protestors, it’s enough to drive a person mad.

Anyway, I think people should be able to protest where and where they please, but I do believe that the organisers of some of the more spurious and ambiguous protests should be made to pay.

What say you?