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Apparently, Joseph Fritzl, locked his daughter up because she was enjoying too many nights out, according to an Austrian newspaper.

Austrian incest victim Elisabeth Fritzl was imprisoned for 24 years by her father because the then 18-year-old was reportedly enjoying too many nights out.

Shortly before she was locked in a cellar in 1984, Elisabeth wrote a series of letters to her friends, which have been published by Austrian publication the daily Oesterreich.

The notes paint a picture a normal teenager, writing about her daily life, her hobbies and a drunken night out with friends.

But her father Josef Fritzl disapproved of her social life and used it to justify locking up his outgoing daughter, another Austrian paper claimed.

“She did not obey any rules, she hung around in dodgy bars all night, drank, smoked,” he allegedly said.

“That’s why I had to provide, I had to create a place, in which I could keep Elisabeth away from the outside world, by force if I had to.

“I grew up under the Nazis, drills and discipline meant a lot at the time. I probably adopted some of this, unconsciously of course. But I’m no monster,” he said, adding that he had agonised over whether to free her.

“My situation became crazier with every week that I held my daughter captive. I considered again and again whether I should let her go or not,” he told his lawyer.

Fritzl denied the abuse had started when Elisabeth was 11. “That’s not true. I’m not a guy who abuses young children,” said Fritzl.

“It began later, much later. Not until she was ‘downstairs,'” he added. “The truth was, I wanted children with Elisabeth.

“I was happy about the kids. It was nice for me to also have a real family in the cellar, with a wife and a couple of children.”

He described the dungeon – 55m square – with no fresh air or natural light – as a typical household.

“I watched action films with them (the children) on the VCR while Elisabeth cooked our favourite dishes,” he said.

“Then we all sat down at the kitchen table and ate together.”

Fritzl said they celebrated Christmas and birthdays underground when he would sneak in Christmas trees, cakes and presents into the dungeon.

In August 1984, weeks before she vanished, Elisabeth wrote in a letter: “I like to listen to music and daydream. But if life is only made of dreams, well, I don’t know.”

She also spoke of her plans to leave home and move in with her sister after completing exams.

“When you get this letter, it will all be over. I’ll give you my new address as soon as I’ve moved,” she wrote in a letter to a friend in May that year, according to the daily Oesterreich.

It was a move she would never make – as she was forced into an underground chamber just weeks later, where she would be repeatedly raped by her father.

Isn’t it strange how people who commit such acts never feel as if they’ve done anything wrong?

I want him to suffer in prison. And I mean really suffer. If it was up to me, he’d live on bread, water, and daily beatings. Unfortunately, he’ll probably be left in solitary confinement for his own safety, living in relative luxury.