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Hold on there for a moment...

So apparently it doesn’t matter that about forty percent of the population of the US is not white–look here–there are those out there who are positively alarmed that so many *snort* tv shows are explicitly asking for actors of color from casting directors and agents.

From deadline.com (oh, and that’s a donotlink link–I’m not giving them any hits):

KarenS Scandal Review: Episode 2x11, “A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and a Liar”


Hey guys, following on from yesterday’s introduction to ABC’s Scandal, I’m going to start reviewing each episode after it airs (well not straight after, you guys know how much I love reviewing these days), so of course if you haven’t seen any of the episodes, but you plan on watching them, do not read this review, I repeat, do not read this review, as there will be spoilers galore.

The episode starts with Liv walking through her door to find Edison sat ever so casually In. Her. Lounge.
I’m pretty sure they broke up last week, when Olivia basically told him to fuck-off after he threatened to prosecute her for allegedly lying about the president’s real condition. Apparently though, Edison, the thick bastard didn’t get the message, because he asks Liv what’s going on with them. I can’t lie, I was desperate for Olivia to stab him in his eye and put him out of my misery. To my ever lasting sorrow, she didn’t do that. Dammit.

Anyway, because basically Edison’s a ratchet mother fucker, he accuses Olivia of being the President’s mistress. As you can imagine, this didn’t go down too well with Olivia, who read him her rather special five-point riot act. It was impressive, and if I could find the exact words, I’d post it. Anyway Olivia eventually throws Edison and his Bill Cosby looking ass out, but not before he tells her that Sally Langston is planning to shaft Fitz by throwing shade on the letter that Mellie forged asking for Fitz to be reinstated.

Once Edison is literally shown the door, Olivia calls Cyrus, warning him of Sally’s plans.

After this, we flashback to a presidential debate where Fitz is doing almost as well as Obama did in his first presidential debate last year. Remember how uncomfortable we all felt watching him fuck things up against the world’s most stupidest man, Mitt Romney? *shudder* Basically, Fitz is not doing well against his opponent Governor Reston (the geezer who murdered his wife’s lover and got away with it), either in the debates, or indeed in the polling. He’s way behind his rival, and it’ll take a miracle to get his numbers up at this rate.

We cut to Olivia, Cyrus and Hollis discussing campaign strategy, and out of the blue, Hollis very casually mentions the possibility of rigging the election. Apparently he has some people in low places who can orchestrate the whole thing. Cyrus is initially appalled, and both he and Olivia dismiss the idea. Mellie joins them with some bad news about the polling numbers, and suggests that they invite Fitz’s father Big Jerry to help with the campaign. It’s clear that this is something that Fitz has avoided doing up till now. With good cause as it turns out.

Fitz is not happy about the idea at all, and we cut to him and Mellie arguing about it in the corridors of their hotel. Olivia catches up with them and suggests that they keep their voices down. Mellie frustrated by Fitz’s refusal to bring his father in, tells Olivia to talk to him, as he clearly doesn’t give a shit about her opinion. Ya think?

After Mellie shuts the door on both of them, Fitz takes Olivia by the hand and drags her to her room so that he can work off some of his frustrations out by getting her horizontal. While he’s trying his best to have his wicked way with her, Olivia is trying to persuade him that now’s the time to bring in his father to help energise the base. Fitz eventually agrees as long as she doesn’t talk about the campaign for the next twenty minutes.

We then flash forward to the present, and Fitz is in the hospital, with Mellie looking all wifely by his side. The doctor is in with them, and she’s telling them that Fitz should be able to get back to work in about three weeks, but in the mean time, may experience dizziness, fatigue and some frontal lobe issues. Because of Mellie’s fuckup however, Fitz can’t afford to be inactive for three weeks, as Sally is just about dancing on his grave, with his job description pinned to her forehead.

Speaking of Sally, we cut to the White House, where she’s having a briefing with the executive team (including Edison The Bell-End). She basically tells them that Fitz is fucked, and is not fit enough to return to work. While she’s spreading her venom, Fitz walks in and apologises for being late. AND THE CROWD WENT WILD!! HALLELUJAH!!! Oh the look on Sally’s face was priceless. Suck it bitch!

Anyway, the meeting has obviously gone well, because Cyrus and Mellie run into the exec team coming out of Fitz’s office, and Sally is looking massively pissed off. This pleases Cyrus no end, who takes delight in baiting Sally as she’s exiting the office. He’s gleeful because he has his president and job back. When they get into the office, Fitz is obviously struggling and demands a clean shirt. The man should not be out of the hospital, and he sarcastically thanks Mellie for screwing him over, so that he has to leave his sickbed three weeks earlier than he should in order to save her ass and his presidency. Yeah Mellie, thanks for that. Power grabbing bint.

We flashback to the campaign trail, where we finally meet Fitz’s father. And he’s a massive fucking bell-end. Sheesh. He proceeds to humiliate Fitz in front of the campaign team, and even Mellie turns into a giggling school girl in front of him. Now this is the guy she wishes she’d married. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he’d seduced her twenty years ago, then passed her along to Fitz. Jerry cuts an impressive figure, and he has the charm and swagger that one would expect in a seasoned politician, but it’s fairly clear at this point that Fitz was raised by a wolf. I felt as sick as Fitz looked, and I could tell that his father’s presence was negatively impacting him. Olivia noticed his discomfort, and at one point looked pityingly at him.

At dinner that evening, Fitz gets drunk, and manages to throw shade at his father every time he speaks. I particularly liked Fitz reminding his father that the reason he didn’t even run for president was because men who get caught shagging prostitutes usually aren’t suitable candidates for presidency. I confess, I laughed out loud. Jerry leaves the table prematurely, after Fitz continues to slag him off. I know Fitz is behaving like a recalcitrant child at this point, but personally I loved it. Jerry was a twat, and he needed a good beat down. Erm…not that I condone violence against old people. That’s just barbaric…right?
Erm, anyway, where was I? Oh that’s right, Mellie drags her behind after Jerry to apologise for Fitz’s behaviour, and perhaps to offer him a blow job or two. I jest. I think. (more…)