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What. The. Fuck.

Here’s the story from The Mirror.

A GIRL of 10 has caused outrage after she became one of the world’s youngest mothers.

The child, who has not been named, gave birth to a healthy daughter in a Colombian hospital.

It was her first visit to a doctor in connection with her pregnancy.

The girl is a member of the indigenous Wayuu tribe in the La Guajira Peninsula and was 39 weeks pregnant when she underwent a Caesarean section.

Doctors carried out the risky operation because of her age – and both mother and daughter, who weighed just 5lbs, are said to be “doing well”.

I have no words.

Hospital director Efrain Pacheco Casadiego said: “At a time when [the girl] should be playing with dolls, they go to having to take care of a baby. It’s shocking.”

The age and identity of the father remains a mystery.

Alejandro Samplayo, director of parenthood organisation Instituto Colombiano Bienestar Familiar, said: “Since it’s a Wayuu girl we are trying to respect all of their rights since they have autonomy and their own jurisdiction.”

The girl is not the first pre-teen to give birth.

In November last year a 10-year-old Mexican girl gave birth to a son.

I bet it’s one of her relatives who’s the father.