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We interrupt this program to say...

If you are a citizen of the United States, and you are woman, this 4th of November,

go vote.

(Okay, also if you are a man)

It’s a right and it’s a duty–and it matters. This is why:


Black women and ebola -- let's do something about it.

This evening I received an email from author Roslyn Holcom, which I reproduce as a screen shot below:

Roslyn Holcomb - What about our daughters - black women and ebola
Here are the links: from The Washington Post, “Ebola striking women more frequently than men,” and Gina McCauley’s Africare donation page.

You can also read what she has to say about this huge health emergency, and the impact is has on women, here.

Please tell me, how is it that so many of us don’t know that three out of four human beings who have died of ebola so far are WOMEN?

Please share this, and help do something about this silence and about the desperate need of all these women–and the families they leave behind.

Personhood--what the actual FUCK?

I have no idea how on earth I hadn’t heard of this before–which is scary as hell in and of itself!

No abortion for rape or incest pregnancies? Any pregnancy that doesn’t result in a living birth would be considered a suspicious death and investigated by the cops–including miscarriages???

Are you fucking kidding me?

Please, for the love of sanity, tell me this is a prank.

What the hell is next? Where does it stop? At mandatory burkas and chastity belts?

Aren't People Just....Strange?

I was checking out some of the search terms that land people onto KKB, and the following were some of the most popular: (more…)

Now this? *This* is censorship.

You know how, when a blog owner doesn’t allow certain things to be said in her comment threads, or when an online forum’s guidelines specify that no discussions of religion or politics are allowed there, there are people who start screeching immediately about their right to free speech and how both of those things are censorship?

(Never mind that a) the right to free speech as per the First Amendment of the US Constitution has no bearing on discussions that involve people from countries other than the US–such as gee, this one–or that b) censorship in a private space doesn’t violate said amendment.)

But here we have a real example of censorship: (more…)

20 years of change--still a long way to go.

Because half of humanity is still not treated equally like the other half: “as human beings women and girls should have equal rights to men under the law and equal opportunity to enjoy their human rights.”

Go to Equality Now and do your part to help change the world–for yourself, for your sisters, for your daughters–and for all the men in their lives.

Annoying contradictions

The headline:

Athletic dudes girly little secret: the pedi.

The gist:

Taking care of your feet is sensible and shouldn’t be exclusive province of women, and men can remain manly men even if they indulge themselves a little.

Which is true, and makes sense, etc etc etc.

Should this be news? Meh

But obviously someone thought it worth mentioning, as well as using distinctly dismissive language.

Warning: Foul language ahead. And I use the C word too. You can’t say I didn’t warn you…

I know I’ve said it loads of times, but gosh I am so glad I live in Britain, where quite frankly, our politicians (left and right) have no interest in my uterus, never mind trying to tell me what I should do with it. They have more important things to talk about, such as trying to get us out of the economic hole that we’re in.

What I want to know is where is the united “hell no!” from American women? (Not you women of Oklahoma, I saw the “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d fuck a senator” banner) (more…)